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Cutting tiles manually

by:JIABANG     2021-05-14

Everyone has different opinions on the method of cutting ceramic tiles. According to some opinions from everyone on the Internet, the editor has compiled some information on the methods and techniques of cutting ceramic tiles. The editor will let the editor talk about cutting for everyone. Some of the more important content of tiles.

Manual cutting can be divided into three steps:

First step: Positioning

Move the ruler to select the cutting size, and use the single Hold the operating handle, pull the knife wheel to the rear seat, place the antique brick flat on the bottom plate and align the cut line of the antique brick with the bottom plate beam, and the front end of the antique brick should lean against the gap of the bottom plate.

Step 2: Scribe lines

Put down the handle to make the knife wheel contact the surface of the antique brick, and push the handle forward so that the knife wheel is continuously and evenly cut on the surface of the antique outdoor wood deck tiles. straight line.

Step 3: Press down

Lift the operating handle and pull it back slightly, so that the pressing block is steadily placed on the front end of the antique outdoor wood deck tiles. Press the operating handle down with appropriate force, and the antique tiles will be broken along the scribe line.

Note: When marking, be sure to be uniform, continuous and clear from beginning to end. This is the key to cutting antique tiles well. When cutting, be sure to hold the handle with a small amount of force and push the cutter wheel gently and smoothly. Otherwise, excessive force will not only damage the tiles, but also greatly shorten the service life of the cutter wheel.

Of course, antique tiles can also be cut with a glass knife like cutting glass. First use a metal knife to draw a cutting line at the cutting position on the surface of the antique brick. Then, turn the antique brick with the back side up, place the line on a hard flat corner, compact the large half plane, and hang the small half plane in the air. The two ends of the tile can be formed by breaking it hard.

The above is some of the more important information about cutting ceramic tiles. Understanding the steps and methods of cutting ceramic tiles will have a multiplier effect on our decoration. I hope to get everyone's attention .

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