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Convergent ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-12-29

when decorate, besides it is more tedious to start, end there are a lot of things to pay attention to, the owner of this small make up just say in the post after ceramic tile in the end how to operate some of the content, but greatly, want serious finish see, can help to you! ( is convergent)

wall brick convergent:

1. In the corner of the cutting Angle of 45 degrees transition: wall brick will get 45 degrees; , then diagonally. But in the construction we must to cement filled, if the inside is hollow, Angle of ceramic tile is easy to break. Another chamfering must be neat, otherwise there will be cracks in the future. Relatively speaking, use this method to deal with the ceramic tile waist Yang Angle of comparison test of construction level.

2。 with Yang Angle line: Yang horn line, also called Yang Angle bead, can in place of ceramic tile of convex Angle 90 degrees to form the role of protection, decoration, we usually adopt stainless steel, PVC or aluminium article kok package edge processing. with Yang Angle line price moderate, construction is convenient, and also be more simple to handle.

wall brick and wood veneer convergent:

if you have any wood interior decoration, ceramic tile convergent is more troublesome, because it is not easy to wood jewelry and ceramic tile with convergent, you need to do to modify or with other material convergent, and grasp the good wood veneer, the thickness of the outdoor wood deck tiles, and at the grass-roots level. Wood veneer and wall brick interface available solid wood line is convergent, ensure flat-fell seam wood veneer and wall outdoor wood deck tiles, wall brick do wipe sewing processing.

wall brick and wallpaper convergent:

if wall outdoor wood deck tiles and wall paper is for a convergent, it should be at the junction of the two do with layering processing, such as stainless steel bead, easy water wall brick, wall paper to do moistureproof, waterproof processing.

this is this some relevant matters needing attention about tile convergent, want to know more related content welcome to continue to pay attention to our website! Here are the most authoritative decorates and ceramic tile information waiting for you to learn! Finally thank you for watching!

ceramic tile water knife

people are particularly high requirements for oneself the home decoration effect, just as a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the standard used: ceramic tile spell knife, such as flower, now has become a more popular technology for decking tile, age is quite a big change, so do you know how to do the ceramic tile of water knife can really sense of decoration tastes? This small make up is simple to solve, water knife)

1。 First to know what is a ceramic tile water knife spelling a flower, in fact, water knife spelling a flower is to use water to cut this way for processing ceramic tile. Through water knife can do precise cutting, cutting will not generate dust pollution, is a very practical way of ceramic tile cutting modelling, and cut out the modelling of a style, a dream for a lot of families are a decoration effect.

2。 Maybe you will ask this ceramic tile water knife isn't oneself follow one's inclinations of the effect of spelling a flower? The answer is yes, water knife cutting adopt computer control, computer according to design good model for cutting in advance, and then use special glue will cut stone, stitching together, form a unique pattern. What you want pattern can be done on simple operation, so more and more people like this thing.

3。 Since so much technology, so the price will not low? The answer is yes, that is why now people are part only dare to use this technology for ceramic tile, the current market price, in general the spelling a flower is about 500 - water dao 800 yuan/square meters, are making progress now, using hot pressing, directly to the spelling a flower into a whole. Although it is very expensive, but the effect to be made is unambiguous, can be said to be excellent quality and reasonable price!

want to try this ceramic tile water dao friend can go online check spelling a flower near their house whether there is this kind of ceramic tile for your design, and generally there is. Am very move? Want to know more related content welcome to continue to focus on website! Finally thank you for watching! ( water knife)

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