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Compound floor and ceramic tile which good

by:JIABANG     2021-01-17

if the floor is not good will to live a lot of inconvenience, because of this, in ground laid on the choice of materials, designers are also very cautious. Now commonly used material is compound floor and ceramic tile, flooring with ceramic tile or compound floor board is not very good choice, so compound floor and ceramic tile which good?

the composition of decking tile, ceramic tile is used more and more tend to be plain for raw materials such as clay, quartz sand, through grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, mixture of sintering process, it is resistant to acid and alkali porcelain or the floorboard of the construction or decoration materials such as stone. good abrasion resistance, gloss, color and kinds of ooze to spend more, due to the interior design plan now, so plain coloured ceramic tile has also become a kind of fashion, are widely used in all kinds of ground improvement projects, and less can be used for wall. The characteristics of ceramic tile, ceramic tile, light dead weight has the very good flexibility, good resistance to acid and alkali, resistance to freezing and thawing, seismic, anti-cracking performance, exterior wall thermal insulation system also with compatible, can have very good heat resistance effect. Good smoothness of ceramic tile, the surface will not bend, not newborn, easy construction arrangement, the ground flat after the construction, high flexural strength, resistance to pressure, not easy to wear, a long time with a new, suitable for use in public places. The composition of compound floor, wooden floor is made of wood floor, in the domestic production of wood mainly divided into the real wood floor, aggrandizement wood floor, solid mu fu joins a floor board, bamboo floor, cork floor and so on. With the development of the society constantly, which made of wood floor also highly sought after. The characteristics of compound floor: real wood floor is natural material, have the advantage of synthetic materials which can not be replaced, non-toxic tasteless, the foot feels comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer. The appearance of the solid mu fu joins a floor board with beautiful wood texture, good dimensional stability, easy to laying and maintenance during construction, its quality is stable than real wood floor. This kind of solid mu fu joins a floor board is more suitable for cold areas, can be used to make geothermal, this is different from the one characteristic of real wood floor. Compound floor and ceramic tile which good is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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