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Common misunderstandings in ceramic tile purchase

by:JIABANG     2021-06-20
As a commonly used building material for home decoration, the purchase of ceramic tiles is not so simple. Many times, problems are discovered only after laying and even using in the future. In order to avoid various problems in use, you must do your homework before purchasing to avoid falling into the six common misunderstandings of ceramic tile purchase. Misunderstanding 1: It is troublesome to buy too much and return goods. Tiles are the first batch of main materials to enter the construction site, so you must buy and make reservations at the beginning of the decoration. Analysis: In addition to the normal losses that are unavoidable in the actual construction, if the tiles are found to be insufficient during the construction, the color difference will appear due to the different furnaces, or the need to wait for the supply of goods will delay the construction period. It is better for consumers to buy more tiles when they first buy tiles. Generally, wall tiles and floor tiles should be 5%-8% of the total paving area. Branded ceramic tiles can be returned according to the contract, so consumers don't need to worry too much.   Misunderstanding 2: Discount quality is also discounted  In recent years, all walks of life have been taking advantage of various opportunities for discount sales. Many people think that the discounted quality will also be discounted. Although some brands will definitely not use this method to reduce the 'valueSo, are the discounted ceramic tiles defective? Are all discounted products unreliable?  Analysis: The reason why brand tiles are discounted is not due to quality problems. In order to attract consumers and popularize consumers' brand awareness, many ceramic tile manufacturers use discount promotions and other means to use products that have been on the market for a long time, have a good market response, and have large stocks as activities. It is understood that the products of branded ceramic tiles participating in discount activities are products that are more popular in the market. Merchants also mainly use this method for brand promotion. Since this method of promotion works well, it is worth sacrificing a little profit margin. However, products that have just been marketed are generally not used to participate in large-scale discount activities. On the one hand, the market response is not stable, and manufacturers cannot produce sufficient products in a short time. In fact, many consumers who are not picky about designs can use discounts and promotions to find their favorite 'bargains.' If the product is produced by a regular brand manufacturer, consumers can buy with confidence. Special attention: Because the decking tile production process is not complicated, there are many substandard products from small and non-standard factories on the market. Some non-standard manufacturers will even take advantage of the opportunity to follow the trend and make discounts and use the crazy promotion environment to disrupt the audiovisual. On the one hand, they may use defective products. The products are shoddy, and on the other hand, the price will be raised first and then discounted. Consumers need to keep their eyes open and treat them differently. Misunderstanding 3: The design and color are more trendy and new tiles are needed, especially the outdoor ceramic tile are richer in design and color. As a durable product, many people think 'Since it is not easy to decorate once, choose a color that you particularly likeQuality of products. Some non-standard manufacturers will sacrifice product quality and engage in vicious competition in order to cater to consumers' demand for designs and colors.  Analysis: The rate of tile update far exceeds the frequency of decoration of a single family. From this perspective, the tile decoration of each family will inevitably be 'outdated' after a few years, and the colors that you like for a long time will also cause aesthetic fatigue. Misunderstanding 4: The more the certificates, the higher the quality. In order to enable consumers to fully trust their products, many businesses will take the initiative to present various qualification certificates and test reports when introducing products. Consumers who didn't know the ceramic tiles were unable to identify the authority of these certificates. Many people bought the products in a hurry under the enthusiastic introduction of the salesperson and the guarantee of a large stack of certificates.  Analysis: At present, the quality and quality of ceramic tiles can be certified mainly by product quality test reports and radioactive test reports, and these tests only indicate that the product is qualified, and cannot prove its quality. In addition, consumers also need to beware of all kinds of fake certificates. This is nothing new in various industries. Small and irregular manufacturers are very likely to use this as a deception method. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers go to regular stores to buy branded tiles. Such products will be more secure. Brand manufacturers will never use fake certificates or false test reports to confuse consumers and damage their image.   Generally speaking, the outdoor ceramic tile used for floor decoration can be used to pave the wall, but the glazed tiles used for the wall cannot be used for floor decoration. In addition, outdoor ceramic tile can be made into two kinds of matt and bright, and there are more designs and colors, which can provide more choices.
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