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Chooses ceramic tile ceramic tile selected _ how good or bad

by:JIABANG     2020-12-31

a lot of people buy ceramic tile only consider the price, they all think ceramic tile look alike, the results to decorate a variety of problems. Items are good or bad, or ceramic tile is no exception. selected is tricky, below small make up is to introduce how to choose a good ceramic tile?

1, from the package any took out a piece of the first, whether the surface is smooth and intact; Glaze should be uniform, brightness, no spots, lack of glaze, and knock against phenomenon; Around the edges should be neat. 2, take out two pieces of brick alignment, the gap as small as possible. If it is the patterns of the four pieces of a set of brick, also should check whether the design of outdoor wood deck tiles, clear. Then, a case of brick, to get all straight from a far place to see the overall effect, no matter white, other color or pattern, color should be consistent. 3, the brick one by one to, check whether the size of the brick is consistent, small brick deviation permit within plus or minus 1 mm, big brick allows within plus or minus 2 mm. 4, take a piece of brick to knock on another, or with other hard objects to knock on a brick, if bricky sound is ringing, loud and clear, explained the good quality of brick, can cook cooked. If abnormal sound, explain to the sintering brick is bad, have inside crack. How to choose the stand or fall of ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

choose ceramic tile steps what are

there are many kinds of decking tile market industry, these tiles need we choose to choose to good quality, but how to choose is a knowledge, so ceramic tile selected steps have?

the first step: see glaze pinhole, spots, glaze, the simple sense of the presence of chromatic aberration; Step 2: see ceramic tile whether deformation, measuring the two diagonals of ceramic tile are equal; Step 3: see ceramic tile is bibulous rate, with water droplets on the back of brick, diffusion area is smaller, blot the longer the time, bibulous rate is lower, the better the quality; Step 4: listen to the voice, with the hand knock decking tile, the crisp sound, the better the quality; Step 5: ok weight, weight is heavier, the better the quality of a material; Step 6: unpacking inspection, will each take a different box products, flat out after the presence of off color, size for size. selected steps what you introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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