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Choose what kind of ceramic tile is good?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-16

believe that a lot of friends in decorating will take a very important problem, that is what kind of ceramic tile is good, what kind of outdoor ceramic tile of good quality, because there are too many kinds of ceramic tile on the market, if want to distinguish the stand or fall of these tiles is very difficult, only on the Internet more armed own knowledge reserve is the hard truth, this small make up to give you a brief introduction of what kind of ceramic tile is good?

1。 Chosen according to the density of ceramic tile ceramic tile, generally have a high density of ceramic tile quality is good, especially in the choice of the ceramic tile of toilet, ceramic tile texture density is very important. Can be viewed on the side of ceramic tile is not smooth, have uneven thickness of pinhole, then you can also use hand knock ceramic tile surface, if the more voice ringing, so its density is higher, the hardness will be relatively large.

2。 The ceramic tile with inferior water imbibition, durable, in some parts of the south is humid, so he is a good ceramic tile bibulous rate is low. Especially in some wet places, such as toilet, ceramic tile for its bibulous rate requirement is very high, bibulous rate is, the higher the quality of ceramic tile, the worse. The lower the water absorption of ceramic tile, ceramic tile surface, the more easy to dry, so ceramic tile is the less water absorption, and its quality, the better!

3。 In choosing a good ceramic tile at the same time, also want to note that the color of ceramic tile, because the color of ceramic tile can affect the whole style of toilet, so the color of ceramic tile should match with the overall style. Light color ceramic tile can reflects the effect of the line of sight on the light, can make the toilet looks more capacious and bright, dark and black relatively appear darker.

4。 Is the last security concerns, is usually choose to prevent slippery ceramic tile is the most sensible, especially in these places, toilet with this guarantee, can ensure the toilet is a safe place, because the toilet in the residence is often wet in the local, if it chooses the granite floor tiles of antiskid function is poor, then it is likely that they will cause threatening to the safety of life.

this is about what kind of ceramic tile is good in current relevant content, master the related knowledge, when buying ceramic tile or is it better to listen to people who are engaged in related industries advice to good, want to know more related content, welcome to our website!

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