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Choose how much better the kitchen ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-31

every little sweet home not is to have a kitchen, at the time of the kitchen decorate, most people are sticks outdoor ceramic tile, ceramic tile not only look more bright, but also more in line with the requirements of the kitchen, so a lot of people want to know how much better the kitchen ceramic tile? How can the kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy? Actually the size of the kitchen ceramic tile on the market is not the same, and the specification also is bigger, the differences between specific choose what kind of specifications, according to the size of the kitchen as well as own hobby to choose. Kitchen ceramic tile to choose how much better?

1, the general recommendation kitchen ground brick surface is smaller, the main cost is low, but I have a different opinion, because the kitchen ground more easily dirty, norms is lesser, ceramic tile brick seam is more difficult to clean. Ordinary families are made of porcelain, metope 300 * 450, 300 * 300. Do a bit of high-grade, all armed with 600 * 600 or 800 * 800 of polishing brick cutting processing. European style.

2, wall brick size or bedroom area, the sitting room area is under 30 ㎡ with 600 * 600 more than 30 ㎡ with 800 * 800, kitchen and bathroom with 300 * 300 skid. In short, the size of the wall outdoor wood deck tiles with too big is still not very good, the bigger the waste, the same way as the area of the room.

3, generally relatively small kitchen, there are a door and window ambry, net area is small, in order to avoid waste and keep the coordination of the space, should choose the ceramic tile specifications small, so the shop is stuck will have minimal waste.

the kitchen can be said to be the family inside one of the more important place, so the kitchen ceramic tile to choose how much better we are going to have a certain understanding, because the kitchen is a place of fat and water more, so in the using process of eating, to the grease and dirty on the ceramic tile material in a timely manner to clean up, otherwise the time is longer, stick on the ceramic tile, so will be hard to clean up, can affect the beauty of ceramic tile, and also can produce some unpleasant smell affect the air quality.

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