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Choose good ceramic tile floor?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-18

as the ceramic tile must be used when decorating, many will know ahead of time kung fu this great harm, and on the choice, because two can choose outdoor ceramic tile on the ground floor, so a lot of people will choose difficult disease, don't know which is better, so this small make up is simple to say how to choose good ceramic tile floor.

the choice of ceramic tile floor

1. Heat dissipation performance contrast

as for heat dissipation performance, ceramic tile is the explosion of the floor, because the wooden items heat storage is more dominant. And its thermal conductivity itself will be more bad, granite floor tiles of heat dissipation is good. But in the heat preservation, the floor will be much better than ceramic tile; And granite floor tiles for bulk soon but not durable heat preservation. Another question is, when the fire floor will quickly spread the fire, and would not have ceramic tile, this point of view or outdoor ceramic tile.

2。 Comfort compared to

if you want a more comfortable environment, small make up suggest wood floor. Because wooden floor is more close to the nature, not only the appearance looked than the granite floor tiles many warm; And floor tile feeling giving a person is very hard, especially in the cold winter can't let a person feel warm. In terms of comfort, therefore, the floor will be much better than floor tile. If you usually sweep the floor and can be directly on the above, the more feel at home.

3。 Price comparison

the price of the two contrast is relatively simple, wood floor if all decorated with natural solid wood is certainly not low price, and choosing a ceramic tile, if is to use more advanced brand actually and wood is similar, but in terms of cost or ceramic tile is taller, if from this to determine which one word or wood floor prevailed.

this is the current related contents about the choice of the ceramic tile floor, want to know more related content welcome to continue to pay attention to our website!

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