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Charm of ceramic tile quality?

by:JIABANG     2020-09-30
is one of the indispensable in decorating material, lack of ceramic tile, a lot of the beauty of the building can't reflect all, plays an important role, so ceramic tile and ceramic tile brand currently on the market is various, specification, type is to let a person dazzling. So, how to introduce the verve of ceramic tile quality under the ceramic tile to teach you how to choose and buy marble tile and verve. Verve how charm of ceramic tile ceramic tile quality in the production of products in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality management system operation, international AAA enterprise, honorary titles such as national 3 c certification, in 2008 was awarded the international well-known brands, in 2011 is evaluated & other; One of the ten famous brands in the ceramic & throughout; 、“ China's furniture industry 10 residential concept brand & throughout; Such honor. Charm of ceramic tile in the domestic tile industry leader, product updates faster, design ability, overall verve of ceramic tile quality is ok. Verve to teach you how to choose and buy ceramic tile marble tile 1, the fidelity of the ceramic tile of fidelity is very important, and the stone reduction of decking tile ≧ 99. 9% is the high quality ceramic tile. 2, repetition, rich texture of decking tile can make whole space appears more smooth and natural, and texture repeat will make the space becomes stiff and rigid, so texture repeat ≧ 5 square meters is not a good ceramic tile. 3, fine grid in India is one of the important factors affect tile pattern definition, the surface of the ceramic tile with high quality should be 360 dpi 0 grid and high precision spray printing precision. 4, vitreous quality can see the water absorption of ceramic tile, because bibulous the ceramic tile with low rate is not easy to absorb dirt, better do, ceramic tile is bibulous rate should be less than or equal to zero. 05% in May and stiffness of ceramic tile the higher hardness, more durable, hardness is not enough, if ceramic tile is very easy to damage, and the ceramic tile of seven star standard mohs hardness it outdoor wood deck tiles should be greater than 6. Small make up to summarize: how about the charm of decking tile quality and verve to teach you how to choose and buy marble tile ceramic tile is introduced here, hope to be of help,
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