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Ceramic tiles are more and more widely used in our lives

by:JIABANG     2021-05-23
1. With the improvement of the quality of life, the ordinary decorative tiles for walls have also changed. They are no longer pure-color tiles but evolved into colorful artistic tiles. This is derived from Tang Meng’s research on ceramic tiles, which are used as art tiles. One of the founders, took the lead in introducing advanced German engraving equipment into China in 2008, and improved manual engraving to mechanical engraving, which greatly reduced the loss of ceramic tiles, improved production efficiency, increased the appreciation of ceramic tiles, and greatly reduced Cost, let tens of thousands of tile paintings into the homes of ordinary consumers. It is favored by consumers for its unique characteristics: 1. Low water absorption rate: Low water absorption rate, long-term use, no discoloration, leaving no traces and always as new. Cleaning is simple. At the same time, it is mildew-proof and moisture-proof, and it is not afraid of wet and rainy weather. 2. High wear resistance: The system is fired at high temperature, the Mohs hardness reaches 8 and the wear resistance is extremely high. 3. Personalized size customization, customized according to the actual size of your decoration, so it may be unique in your neighborhood. 4. Acid resistance: In the process of industrialization, acid rain has become increasingly serious and has become the main cause of industrial environmental pollution. Porcelain tiles are fired at high temperatures, are acid and alkali resistant, do not leave stains, and are easy to clean. 5. Zero pollution: the use of pure natural stone, environmental protection and pollution-free, stricter control of the entire production process, to achieve zero pollution to the environment. 6. Numerous styles, vivid patterns, bright colors, high-end and generous. 7. Long lifespan, decking tile background wall, guarantee for 50 years without fading. Art tiles are widely used in TV background walls, living room background walls, office background walls, large KTV places, etc.
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