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Ceramic tile yao stick

by:JIABANG     2020-08-26

how ceramic tile stick can not leak, no seam? is a artisanship, is also a learning experience, you can know about the related content, whether decorate team is professional. ( stick)?

floor tile laid method is widely used at present. The difference between wet workshop with ordinary water wet goods shop and a third of ordinary cement mortar instead of dry cement mortar.

shop but wet, easy cause empty drum, drum bubble phenomenon, affect the service life of the floor tile. Wet laid method is recommended construction method, the advantages of the price is not expensive, so a lot of people still use wet method.

at the ground laid outdoor wood deck tiles should be the best way is to use dry laid. The so-called dry laid method, is to water moisture at the grass-roots level. Clear float sand and debris, wipe the composite layer, use 1 - 3 drying cement mortar, and according to the horizontal line test is flat and level. Put the bricks on the mortar with rubber hammer, remove the floor tile, pour cement clay, and then put the floor tile on the plane.

dry paving method can effectively avoid the floor tile in the process of paving, empty drum phenomenon such as the bubble, but as a result of floor tile dry paving method, the intensity of labor is big, high technical content, therefore, generally dry paving method is much higher than the cost of wet paving method.

1, the granite floor tiles shop choose dry construction, paving flatness will specific humidity control better. Due to the hard dry mortar once adjusted, the floor tile will not slide easily, but the wet pave the choice of construction mortar due to the internal moisture is too large, lead to adjusted the floor tile of construction may be disrupted.

bubble seldom dry goods store. The slurry water is relatively small, so it is not easy to appear empty drum ceramic tile or fall off. If you are wet, you must know that there are more water, so if the water is dry, it is easy to see the empty.

3. Do shop need to higher the grassroots, because the water content of dry mortar shop is relatively low. If not watering at the grass-roots level, will lead to slurry and slurry water shortage is not strong, and ask for a relatively low wet laid at the grass-roots level, basically do not have requirements.

4, dry shop control of slurry water consumption, water consumption is generally measured with hand mortar.

outdoor ceramic tile of laid of two methods will be introduced here, and you have suddenly understood? Next time. Bye.

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