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Ceramic tile Yang horn line

by:JIABANG     2020-12-01

ceramic tile Yang horny line is? What are the advantages of ceramic tile Yang horn line? How to choose the ceramic tile of Yang horn line right? For many small white don't even know what Yang horny line is followed below small make up learning how to learn together. ( Yang horn line)

what is ceramic tile Yang horn line? First, we need to know what is Yang Angle, Yang Angle is the corner on the corner. The place was damaged is very simple, a small brush before collision will upon bad good putty powder. In addition, this place is easy to cause harm, especially the children run. Yang horny line is such an existence, not just play a protective role, also can have a kind of adornment effect.

to understand what the Yang horn line, make what Yang horn line? How to choose the suitable Yang Angle line? Below are for three different Yang horn line material is analyzed.

1, the PVC material. Such Yang horn line of wide range of USES, not just the price is low and the lighter weight, easy to transport, so this kind of material decking tile Yang horny line is the most widely used. But this kind of material of Yang Angle line also has a lot of disadvantages, not impact resistance, poor stability, in addition, there are hardening and harmful substances such as disadvantages, so in the place such as decoration or to use less as well.

2, aluminum alloy material. In the small make up looks like this is a high cost performance, it is not so unstable, PVC and not as expensive than steel is qualitative, plasticity and better, good plasticity and can be said to be the joker, but must also have the disadvantages of he, the personal preferences.

3, stainless steel material, as the price of the material of the highest, he has all kinds of corrosion resistance, durability can be said to be its greatest strength. But he plasticity is poorer, color too drab, also cannot achieve the joker. More than

small make up some humble opinion, specific issues specific analysis, we can according to different places with different material Yang horn line, but you can say that, now most of the domestic outfit is widely use PVC, even if we want to use other material ceramic tile Yang Angle line also slightly is difficult, and the price will be high. The final choice also see our consumers.

Nowadays, it is very common for us to utilise in patio deck tiles. And the quality of is decisive to production efficiency.
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