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Ceramic tile Yang Angle what treatment method

by:JIABANG     2021-05-22

today, small talk to everyone about ceramic tile Yang Angle problem. About ceramic tile Yang Angle? Touch Angle processing: ceramic tile on the back of the oblique Angle of 45 degrees

Yang Angle place of ceramic tile outdoor wood deck tiles seven processing method, 20 years return decorate finish see straight thumb up!

use the back of two ceramic tile to pour into 90 - degree Angle 45 degrees, the external Angle, this kind of practice is called touch Angle processing. Now, this is the most common way of Yang Angle of ceramic tile processing.

this kind of practice on the effect of it is the most beautiful, but because of the Angle of two intersecting places after cutting is thin, if encounter heavy hit easily broken, but it is difficult to repair.

45 degree Angle to be careful not to play on the glaze and the glaze and set aside nearly a mm line. Bigger, in addition, the down side slightly touch the Angle is rounded. Had better use machines to do it, because the accuracy of manual chamfering often vary from person to person, one's deceased father grind construction master craftsmanship, once has the error will affect the chamfer effect. rounded edge

Yang Angle place of decking tile brick seven processing method, 20 years return decorate finish see straight thumb up!

will carry on the processing of ceramic tile, after purchase will Yang Angle grinding edges into round edge, then as long as the normal shop is stuck.

the practice requirement for brick itself is higher, the density is not ceramic tile can't do this kind of treatment. In addition, the body of edge grinding ceramic tile and brick surface color had better, otherwise after edge grinding may appear off color. mizar Angle, with the seam an agent bridge

Yang Angle place of ceramic tile brick seven processing method, 20 years return decorate finish see straight thumb up!

some owners feel whatever Angle of 45 degrees or specially processing grinding the edge is too bother, just like the diagram below instructions directly in Yang Angle between two ceramic tile to stay open a gap, and then use the seam an agent.

but it also has disadvantages. On the one hand, the seam an agent in the right Angle on the adhesion is not so good, may appear fall off; With the seam an agent area is too big, if make the oil more difficult to clean up, time is long and may become angry. And outdoor wood deck tiles is smooth surface, too beautiful seam an agent and ceramic tile to achieve consistent adornment effect.

that's small make up for everybody finishing processing method about tile Yang Angle, hoping to help the general owners in need.

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