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Ceramic tile: why do you want to bubble water?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-11
: why do you want to bubble water? Recently in decorating in the home, now the steps to stick granite floor tiles, granite floor tiles and then hear before stick with blisters, why? How long is the bubble? All outdoor wood deck tiles bubble? A lot of people for ceramic tile related knowledge is very strange, think all ceramic tile need bubble water, then of course, the answer is wrong, and not all ceramic tile to bubble water, sometimes depends. So today is for everybody to introduce this aspect of knowledge, hope can help to miss zhou. First, for the reason of bubble water decking tile ceramic tile bubble water is to prevent to absorb the moisture of water to cement mortar, lest cause an empty drum, fall off, and even crack, especially to metope shop is stuck, before the shop is stuck in metope, need water work on metope, the same is true. is more or less there will be a certain pore, shop before the bubble water, in order to make the pore water adequately, and porcelain tiles because of its high density, porosity, also makes the bibulous rate is very low. Second, how to decking tile bubble water now that say 'bubble water', they must be completely submerged ceramic tile, the general contractor will prepare a big basin. Construction group, but there are some irresponsible will stack up ceramic tile use pipes to drench water above, it can only be wetted decking tile, ceramic tile is not fully 'full', after the shop is stuck is likely to appear all sorts of problems. Third, what kind of ceramic tile ceramic tile of bubble water bubble water need points outdoor wood deck tiles bibulous rate, bibulous rate
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