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Ceramic tile what types are divided into types

by:JIABANG     2020-12-23

at present the full of beautiful things in eyes of ceramic tile breed on market, more let a person dazzling. So many owner made for this difficult, don't know how to pick a family to decorate ceramic tile. Before we choose decking tile we should know what are the types of ceramic tile, introduce below small make up on ceramic tile types are divided into what type?

1, glazed tile, glazed tile is the surface of the brick after burn glair brick processing. It is based on raw materials, respectively, can be divided into two kinds: ceramic glazed pottery, become by argil fire and into, bibulous rate is higher, intensity is relatively low. According to the local soil, also have laterite white ( Yellow) The soil. Porcelain makes glazed pottery, become by porcelain clay fire and into, bibulous rate is inferior, strength is relative taller. Its are main the feature is rear color is gray. According to burnish different, still can be divided into the following two kinds: light glazed pottery, suitable for manufacturing & other; Clean & throughout; The effect. Dumb smooth glazed pottery, agree with make & other; Fashion & throughout; The effect. 2, that outdoor wood deck tiles of polishing brick polish is the surface of the base substrate that open system passes burnish and become a kind of shining brick. A kind of polishing brick belong to the brick. The photograph is coarse to opening the plane of body brick and character, polishing brick is about much more bright and clean. Polishing brick property is hard wear-resisting, suit to outside the bathroom, kitchen and indoor environment is used in most of the interior space. On the basis of the USES ooze to spend a technology, polishing brick is ok make result of wood of all sorts of copy stone, copy. 3, bo changes a brick, bo changes a brick is complete ceramic tile actually. Its surface is bright and clean but do not need polish again, so nonexistent polish hole problem. Bo changes a brick is a kind of strengthening polishing brick, it USES high temperature fire and become. Quality of a material is more hard than polishing outdoor wood deck tiles more wear-resisting. No doubt, its price is also higher. Bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles basically is ground brick. 4, Mosaic is the brick of means of a kind of special existence, it generally formed by tens of piece small brick comprises an opposite big brick. It with small and exquisite, glow be used widely in metope and ground of indoor small area the size outdoor metope and ground. It basically is divided for Mosaic of pottery and porcelain, marble Mosaic, glass Mosaic. 5, natural marble is of all kinds marble thin plate, is the most outstanding material that decorates the ground and wall. Marble is a kind of natural material, have a lot of natural grain, and the cracks formed on the surface of a variety of different shape and tiny flaw or rusty spot. These natural flaws make stone already refined distinctive. Marble of citric, tomato juice, bleacher, coffee, fruit juices, wine, urine and cleaner of caustic ceramic tile is sensitive chemicals such as acid. In the shop and use in the center should avoid carefully all the pollution by these things. Before the shop is in strict accordance with the rules of construction for protection, can prevent marble by flyblown. types are divided into what type is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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