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Ceramic tile wall of setting of maintenance

by:JIABANG     2020-04-07
< p> ceramic tile is fragile, first of all, we learn about the ceramic tile setting wall construction technology.

( 1) In number order: the surface setting wall is composed of a number of outdoor ceramic tile, outdoor ceramic tile and the Numbers are marked on the back, the whole picture before the shop is stuck is spelled, labeled according to the order to avoid mistakes.

( 2) Adhesives used building materials: due to the special porcelain material, Portland cement is not suitable for the shop is stuck, suggest using adhesive of assured quality building materials.

( 3) From the bottom to stick: porcelain plate should be from the bottom to stick, the first good shop is stuck at the bottom of the porcelain plate, if there is no support to juggle, should be in the shop is stuck adhesive with object before solidification supports it;

( 4) Grinding opening: beware of burst for polishing, please don't too hard and need to open hole, choose glass drilling bit, other bit easy to cause damage, that can be screwed too tight will cause fracture.

( 5) Careful maintenance: setting wall outdoor ceramic tile, generally only can under the cloth to wipe with water, especially colored painted brick carving, avoid by all means use soda acid lotion. < / p> < p> < / p>
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