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Ceramic tile wall is good

by:JIABANG     2021-05-26

decking tile because of its appearance and excellent characteristics, many owners when choosing the shop is stuck in the ground will consider ceramic tile wall decoration. So, we should get to know about ceramic tile wall what? How do we go for decking tile wall decoration. The following is to talk to you.

setting wall ceramic tile is good

1, its products are of good quality, low water absorption and high wear resistant, moisture anti-fouling should carry on the deep processing of ceramic tile, so the sculpture coloring effect is better.

2, setting wall ceramic tile than wallpaper has better noise insulation effect, and can effectively cut off poisonous gases. Setting wall ceramic tile according to the actual size of decorate tailored, individual character color design also can be customized.

3, setting wall tile construction are relatively easy, and it is not easy to damage, in the late from the clean, and more convenient.

4, but the price is higher, a pair of setting wall is almost nearly 2000 yuan. Production cycle is long, first order production, production period typically take about 10 days; Construction process requirement is higher, prevent ceramic tile fall off; Now store is less, usually by online purchase.

setting wall ceramic tile price

1, when it comes to setting wall ceramic tile price, there is no fixed. Many factors affect the price of setting wall ceramic tile. Setting wall material and price ceramic tile, ceramic tile setting wall, according to the product category classification can be divided into polished tile, glazed tile, archaize outdoor wood deck tiles, brick/bo changes a brick, tile, crystal tile and so on. In the context of the market situation, the same ceramic tile size is smaller, the higher the price, but specifications small ceramic tile and the smaller loss in the process of installation. The glazed ceramic and microcrystalline outdoor wood deck tiles is better, this kind of material ceramic tile setting wall, although higher price but of good quality and high class.

2 background wall surface, decking tile and iridescence process and price, we can see the ceramic tile of setting wall is generally attached on the surface of delicate design, this kind of the processing technology of ceramic tile call: plane and more colorful. First of all is the granite floor tiles surface grinding off part of the thin, then use the inkjet machine spewed out on low outdoor wood deck tiles pattern, after the high temperature makes the pigment to infiltrate inside the brick, never fade. The patterns of the tiles can be formulated according to the customer's requirements, a predetermined pattern, of course, if you also need to this a few so this kind of ceramic tile is different with ordinary brick wall of setting of price. And setting wall ceramic tile of brand of its influence is big.

that's small make up for everybody finishing some information about ceramic tile wall, hope you can pass the message to have a basic understanding of ceramic tile wall.

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