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Ceramic tile wall

by:JIABANG     2021-01-07

exterior wall ceramic tile is appearance of the building, as if people wear clothes, is decent, we should try to put it to the best of exterior wall decoration well, then let's learn about the content of the decking tile wall. ( walls)

exterior wall tiles also can be decorated in while protecting the wall of the building. On the one hand, the external tile color is rich, the specification, quality of a material is different. They look shiny, dark, smooth or rough. On the other hand, it is strong and durable, has excellent durability and quality of a material, decorative effect significantly, and has the fire, water resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, low maintenance cost.

exterior wall tiles according to the process and characteristics of roughly divided into five categories: one is the glass brick. , its surface has glaze. According to the different raw materials, can be divided into ceramic colored glaze tile and ceramic glaze is two kinds of brick. It is according to the different gloss, also can be divided into two bright glaze tile and outdoor wood deck tiles surface. Also can say there is no glass brick body, its characteristic is the same color, good abrasion resistance. Three, polished tile. Formed by grinding the whole brick surface polishing brick. The characteristics of the polishing brick is back but rough surface is smooth, high resistance to wear, can be used in most of the outdoor space. Through flowers infiltration technology, polishing brick also can make all kinds of stone and imitation wood effect. Fourth, the glass block. Strengthening and polishing brick, it is a characterized by quartz sand ratio is high, has the natural stone texture, high luminosity, high hardness, high wear resistance, low water absorption, color difference is small, color is rich. 5, Mosaic. This is a piece by tens of piece small brick comprises of large brick. Is divided for Mosaic of pottery and porcelain, marble Mosaic, glass Mosaic.

classical style. Surface water ripple, split tiles surface, such as the surface of exterior wall tiles, match with black grey, dark brown wait for color, give a person a kind of go back the past classical fashion sense. Second, natural style. Imitation of natural wall ceramic tile products obviously satisfied people to nature yearning. Using natural materials such as stone, wood wall ceramic tile products development, full of natural charm. Mountain brick, sandstone water and wind erosion of rock and roll printing products such as close to the nature, let people tired of city life have a strong desire to return to nature. 3 it is realism. Based on the principle of practical, economical and efficient, widely pursuit of realistic style. Represented by gasket kiln glaze wall ceramic tile, the product structure is compact, pinhole, no water, no pollution, no water seepage, with self-cleaning, sterilization, deodorant, and other functions. Fourth, the Europe type style. Europe type style to satisfy the people yearning for the high grade life. Adopts the design of the atmosphere, with romantic noble temperament, good show the high quality of life connotation.

ceramic tile wall decoration skills is to look for professional people do professional thing, because professional, so rest assured.

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