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Ceramic tile used what's the most bright

by:JIABANG     2020-12-24

ceramic tile everyone not strange, most people will shop sticks decking tile in the home, if is the new shop sticks ceramic tile, clean up is also a worry. But in the longer term you will find that after the use of ceramic tile also have a variety of stubborn stains, before even cleaned up after also won't have a brand new and bright. So, how to clean decking tile to bright? Actually clean ceramic tile can also become very easy, we need to master some ceramic tile wiped the brightest, with what to learn quickly.

1, we in daily ceramic tile, clean can be appropriate to add some detergent, soap and water, etc. 2, want to make ceramic tile more clean and bright, can use a little turpentine oil soap with a moderate amount of ammonia and stir well, use the self-made detergent cleaning floor tile, effect is obvious. Then put the toilet paper or paper towel on the ceramic tile, spray cleaner on the toilet paper to make it to soften, oil adsorption naturally stick up at this time. Can be torn off the toilet paper, scrub with a clean dishcloth dips in water, ceramic tile can look brand-new. If stubborn oily be soiled, can put toilet paper or paper towel on the ceramic tile longer, or use cotton instead of toilet paper, fully absorbed by tissues such as oily be soiled, reoccupy wet dishcloth. 3, granite floor tiles surface if not careful with tea, coffee, ice cream, such as grease stains, should be timely to wipe clean, if the stain is stubborn, it is recommended to use a small amount of sodium hydroxide or potassium bicarbonate solution decontamination. Surface cleaning. on the stain should keep clear of in time. According to the nature of the besmirch, choosing the appropriate detergent to clean. 4, if floor tile with ink, such as cement, stubborn pollutants in water are usually doesn't work, you can add water dilute hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, etc, evenly daub is on the granite floor tiles. If emulsioni paint, coating and other stains had better use special cleaning agents. 5, if ceramic tile is like a little scratch marks, it is suggested that in the scratch with a small amount of toothpaste, and then take the soft dry cloth to wipe forcibly generally will find fine mark is missing, but damage more serious condition change in time or best ask professional personage to repair, in order to avoid different damage to his family. Conclusion: ceramic tile used what's the most bright? Everyone learned to read the contents of the above? These methods, although simple, but many netizens, echo is very good, next time meet bad brush issues such as ceramic tile, try the effect it at once.

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