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Ceramic tile types, you must understand the five type of ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-12-22

the market variety of ceramic tile, glazed brick, bo changes a brick, marble, ceramic tile, and so on. Do you know how many ceramic tile kind? What are the difference and characteristics of these tiles before? What kind of decking tile and space for what occasion? Only understand the classification and characteristics of ceramic tile, can choose suits own ceramic tile. Today is for everybody to introduce the kinds of ceramic tile, and the advantages and disadvantages of various types of decking tile and application space, such as knowledge, let you go when ceramic tile of choose and buy less error, easy to choose suits own ceramic tile.

the type of ceramic tile can be according to the following method to distinguish:

in accordance with the purposes can be divided into external tile, wall brick, granite floor tiles, square brick, brick industry; According to the shape can be divided into dry pressing molding brick, brick, plastic extrusion molding brick; In accordance with the firing can be divided into oxidizing quotiety of ceramic tile, ceramic tile; In accordance with the glazing points: glazed brick, unglazed brick; According to the water absorption can be divided into ceramic brick, standard ceramic tile, fine standard brick, standard outdoor wood deck tiles, ceramic tiles. According to the varieties can be divided into polishing brick, and archaize brick, tile, glazed ceramic, crystal throwing bricks, microcrystalline, split outdoor wood deck tiles, square brick, Cultural brick) ; According to the production process can be divided into the glazed pottery, brick, polishing brick, bo changes a brick and Mosaic.

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