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Ceramic tile types are divided into several types

by:JIABANG     2021-05-24

the higher use of ceramic tile is an outfit of a building materials, ceramic tile is more commonly used in the home ground and metope, used in the ceramic tile of different places is different, the decking tile species also has a lot of, so decking tile types are divided into several types?

bo changes a brick is a kind of high temperature ceramic brick, is one of the most hard all ceramic tile. Bo changes a brick technology demand higher than polishing brick. Pressure machine is better, can suppress the higher density, firing temperature is higher, can achieve fully vitrified. Bo changes a brick is strengthened polishing brick. The surface is not need polishing processing, it is very bright. Can be more resistant to dirty. Polishing brick and bo changes a brick is floating bright, high resistance to wear, is commonly used in the living room. Glazed tile in the body and glaze the surface. The main body and cent two kinds of pottery and porcelain body. Clay fired on the back of the red, the back of the porcelain clay fire are pale. Glazed tile surface can do all sorts of design and decorative pattern. Than polishing brick more rich color and pattern. Because the surface is glaze, so wear resistance than polishing brick and bo changes a brick. Glazed tile the differential in addition to the size of the bibulous rate. Generally good brick press, high density, high firing temperature, bibulous rate is small. Glazed pottery is commonly used in kitchen and bathroom. Rich color pattern, non-slip performance is good. Glazed tile generally is not very big, but can small, such as Mosaic. About 80% of the buyers choose the family decoration brick for ground decorates material. This body brick is a kind of glazed porcelain tiles, have very good skid resistance and abrasion resistance. General said & quot; Prevent slippery granite floor tiles & quot; Most of the outdoor wood deck tiles. Because the brick price moderate, is quite popular with consumers. Mosaic Mosaic is the brick of means of a kind of special existence, it is general by tens of piece small outdoor wood deck tiles comprises an opposite big brick. Acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, no water seepage, stress is strong, not easily broken. Classification it basically is divided for Mosaic of pottery and porcelain, marble Mosaic, glass Mosaic. Applicable to small and exquisite, glow is widely used in, metope and ground of indoor small area the outdoor metope and ground. types are divided into several types is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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