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Ceramic tile to prepare before the shop is stuck

by:JIABANG     2020-12-09

ceramic tile shop is stuck, although many times we don't have to do it yourself, but we also need to know, so you can learn more knowledge about decking tile, introduce below small make up on ceramic tile to prepare before the shop is stuck?

must test the product before the shop is stuck, the general commitment to manufacturer of ceramic tile is not a replacement after the shop is stuck, After the shop is stuck on the cement, no longer for sale) Handle separately, of course, there are major quality defects. So do some routine inspection before the shop is stuck, can avoid to cause a lot of trouble. 1, see the product packaging: qualified ceramic tile with carton packaging ( The cull, substandard goods usually don't use carton packaging, but directly with foam, the rope) , should be printed on boxes production factory name, product name, trademark, size, level, weight, color, and quantity, etc. Special attention should be paid to rank whether to talk to when buying, prevent filling master or use the products as businesses use level, color number are consistent, generally the same product, same quality, the shop is stuck in the same space, prevent color difference ( Except for shaping special effects) 。 2, see the product appearance: the standard provisions of the state, classy article surface quality should be 0. 8 meters outside the vertical observation surface of at least 95% without obvious flaws, of course, if according to this standard, most products can be up to standard, but we are not primarily look at 95%, but no obvious defects. Look from the package any spot check a few ceramic tile, the surface of the product has the following defects: corrugated, stains, glaze, knock against, crack, lack of glaze and so on. The back of each tile ceramic tile trademark, see it fits the bottom mark, at the back and sides are not allowed to have bonding adhesives etc. In addition, depending on size, color, etc. ( In the knowledge of ceramic tile detail) 。 what to prepare before the shop is stuck is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand decking tile details.

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