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Ceramic tile to pick what skills

by:JIABANG     2020-12-31

one of decorated with advocate material, now many families will choose ceramic tile to used for the ground is decorated. There are so many ways to the ceramic tile of sales promotion on the market at present, most owners tend to be fooled by false, pay big money to buy the ceramic tile is very general. So decking tile to pick what skills?

1, the quality of ceramic tile density and hardness, can be to knock, ringing specification ceramic tile changes sound density and hardness tall, quality is good. Tapping the granite floor tiles with the hand, if the brick issue & other; Poof, poof & throughout; Voice which show that the sintering insufficient, texture more times. If a slight & other; Product & throughout; Sound, its quality of a material relative to before a speaking is hard. 2, watch the water absorption of ceramic tile bibulous rate is lower, on behalf of the inherent stability of ceramic tile is taller, also is more suitable for the humidity or moisture content is higher space, won't produce the problem such as shading. Water, water droplets in ceramic tile the reverse side scatter infiltrates slowly after the ceramic tile of density, as a top grade. 3, look at the color of ceramic tile can scratch the glazed ceramic tile, with good thing if you leave a mark, explain quality is poor. Look at the color of decking tile is not clear, it did have a look at the pinhole to the naked eye, pinhole easy to accumulate dirt. 4, the ceramic tile of roughness profile straight, shop is easy, effect is better. Took any four ceramic tile from the packing box, on the flat ground compare the four flat brick is consistent, if ceramic tile diagonal place scarf. And hit with the palm of ceramic tile surface, listen to the voice: good ceramic tile is low voice: and the ceramic tile of bad sound and bright, and have obvious echoes. Up from sound rating of good or bad, of course, is relative. But the first comparative method underestimates, the biggest difference between domestic and imported outdoor wood deck tiles mainly on the consistency of the specifications of the ceramic tile products. 5, see the glaze ceramic tile outdoor wood deck tiles surface should be smooth and delicate; Specular glazed tile should be crystal shine, matt and half inferior smooth glaze should be soft, reflective evenly. Try to hard, the scraped surface of ceramic tile, if appear scratches, says glazing is insufficient, the surface of the glaze, after polishing brick surface and easy to hide the dirt, difficult to clean up. 2 see if product size standard, caliper measuring diagonal are available, and the ceramic tile of irregular when the shop is not a straight line, not beautiful. Three deformation, can be used directly to the naked eye observation, see face to face with flat product, so product deformation small, construction is convenient, beautiful brick after the shop is stuck with smooth surface. 4 see pattern, design and color design is exquisite, lifelike, no obvious lack of color, break the blemish, dislocation, etc. to pick what technique is introduced to here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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