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Ceramic tile to maintain what to do

by:JIABANG     2020-08-22

ceramic tile is a common problem in daily life. is a kind of relatively long service life, stick a wall material that lay the ground, put a ceramic tile, change may have to wait for decades, as a result, ceramic tile is very important to maintain the daily. So, ceramic tile maintenance to do what?

a, surface cleaning

clean on the surface of the outdoor ceramic tile to often do. Sweep and mop the floor to the control at ordinary times, don't too hard in ceramic tile abrasion in the long term.

1) Daily: daily cleaning can choose detergent, soap, mixed with a little ammonia and loose knot

oil cleaning.

2) Stain processing: for more stubborn stain, usually cleaner can effectively remove the acid-base properties, but the acid and alkali ingredients may cause corrosion to ceramic tile, so using acid alkali value neutral detergent is better. In addition, when to meet a special besmirch, learn to timely processing according to the properties of stain.

2, aperture processing

clean experience knows that gap is the most common place to shelter evil people and practices, the bacteria were also more likely to accumulate in aperture place, so pay special attention to in maintenance.

1) Prevention: the main raw material of ceramic tile aperture is usually be bored with child and white cement, dirt easily stuck to the above, after the daily clean, can use the brush to brush a waterproof agent in aperture place, this can have the effect of moistureproof mildew, also can use daub candle, to prevent.

2) Processing: cracks in besmirch and bacteria can be used to daub decontamination creams.

3, wear repair

ceramic tile using time is long will inevitably some uneven situation. For ceramic tile abrasion repair can begin from the following points:

1) Prevention: on a regular basis to waxing polishing outdoor wood deck tiles, can effectively prevent wear and tear, waxing time interval of 2 - 3 months, can prolong the service life of ceramic tile. Before waxing to thoroughly clean the stains, evenly daub, after eight hours waiting for drying.

2) Minor scratches, can be in in the scratch smear toothpaste, and then use the dry cloth to wipe down.

3) edges or center has little wear and tear, can drop the emulsioni paint of parts with white paste.

ceramic tile maintenance to do what is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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