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Ceramic tile to how to identify?

by:JIABANG     2020-07-29
Now, with the development of the decoration process, on the choice of decoration your space is bigger. So, about tile please, really stick ceramic tile this kind of problem, not the us how to think? The ceramic tile, please this problem, small make up to you to tell me about some information about the decoration.

a: look at bibulous rate

bibulous rate reflects the density of ceramic tile, indirectly, is also reflect the hardness of ceramic tile, but one thing need to note that the ceramic tile is not bibulous rate is lower, the better. The water absorption test, here is in the sitting room, bedroom, aisle do test interval, such as ceramic tile, imagine if the ceramic tile of these places are sucked into the water, not the whole range in wet state?

to pour the water into the pros and cons of ceramic tile, careful observation of water infiltration, if you buy the polishing brick, water immediately sucked into, you met the woman of inferior polishing outdoor wood deck tiles. On the other hand, is a good ceramic tile.

2: ok weight

phase modulation component of ceramic tile of handle, the same specification product, good quality and high density of outdoor wood deck tiles feel quite heavy, on the other hand, the quality of products to be feel lighter.

three: to test flatness

a lot of people when buying ceramic tile, will ask flatness problem, some owners don't know how to judge smoothness, the uneven ceramic tile on the shop only to find that, had to cock and buy new ceramic tile.

actually, ceramic tile surface uneven, there are two aspects, one is the master decorate craft no home; The second is the quality problem of the ceramic tile itself. When ceramic tile is not the shop is stuck, it is recommended that you first take a look at the surface of the ceramic tile flatness, after confirmed, then call master decorate construction, this can avoid the beautiful problems caused by the problem of outdoor ceramic tile, and can avoid the teacher to pass their craft to ceramic tile problem.

4: straight edge degree test

determines the effect of the paved tiles surface whether level off, and ceramic tile edges straight degree test, the purpose is to see whether the whole shop is stuck in ceramic tile, aperture size. At that time, we picked up a few ceramic tile shop together in a flat on the ground, observe whether the ceramic tile and ceramic tile aperture, can tile edges together and not too big. If marginal straight degree not formal, paved tiles must be not neat, it affect the overall effect of the ceramic tile of the shop is stuck, everybody to want to note.

that's small make up for everyone to sort out some information about the decoration, I hope you have a good reading this information, in decorating a process to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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