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Ceramic tile stick stick

by:JIABANG     2020-12-19

ceramic tile is the soul of a house decorate, if decorate the problem of decking tile's failure to deal with, such as not buy suitable for ceramic tile or ceramic tile stickers when the word goes wrong will cause serious influence on the back of the work, this small make up to simple about the ceramic tile to stick to stick a little skill, hope you can help to you! ( stickers)

1。 Before the tile, the most important thing is immersed, if ceramic tile not more than 2 hours in flooding is difficult to do a good job of the follow-up. While immersed in order to make ceramic tile can absorb the moisture in advance, so as to avoid after the shop is stuck sucked moisture in the bonding material, which affect the strength of the adhesive, or lead to adhesive material shrinkage caused by too much empty drum, debonding, and so on and so forth. Flooding postscript to use cotton cloth to wipe the surface of the water can only be carried out after the shop is stuck to dry.

2。 Tile of the second point is vertical, should also be hanging vertical before the shop is stuck, to determine the size of the ceramic tile lines, so the shop is stuck to do surface level off, the ceramic tile can cross flat vertical and do. If because the hanging vertical well will cause great influence to the overall effect, so be sure to carefully again carefully.

3。 The following is the most important process of tile, generally start from doors and Windows, and according to the bottom-up, from left to right order. Shop is stuck is first water wetting leveling layer, then mixed in advance with a shovel bonding material on the back of ceramic tile, ceramic tile to stick on the wall again. Application of ash rubber hammer to tap, of course, make the bonding material can full the space between the ceramic tile with metope, in turn, the shop is stuck is flat and level.

4。 stickers of the last step is also important, if the surrounding of ceramic tile have found overflow excess adhesive material, should be timely clean shave. Suggested use wet cotton cloth to wipe the stains out of outdoor wood deck tiles, don't wait for bonding material hard to wipe, after it is difficult to clean.

this is all about the ceramic tile paste content, want to know more related content, welcome to continue to focus on our website, here is the most authoritative information, finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( stickers)

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