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Ceramic tile stick before the cause of the need to soak solution and ceramic tile fall off?

by:JIABANG     2020-05-01
< p> polishing brick need to immerse in front of the paste, are you know why? Here we need to introduce the next polishing brick paste before soaking: < / p> < p> polishing brick has the water absorbability, after soaking, stick when polishing brick do not absorb the moisture in cement mortar, ensure the quality of paste and effects. < / p> < p> prevent polishing brick to absorb water mud caused by the water polishing brick empty drum. If not Posting polishing brick flooded or soaking time is too short, later because the stick polishing brick with the moisture in cement by dry polishing brick suck, and make the loss of adhesion between cement and polishing brick, thus causes a ceramic tile. < / p> < p> the polishing brick in the water first to make it fully absorbing water after paste on the wall. Polishing brick will not absorb the slurry water so they don't empty drum ceramic tile phenomenon. Conditional word wait for two days in paste good polishing brick surface, use wet spray proper metope to maintain polishing brick, such polishing brick can better bonding and metope. They added in the cement glue effect is better. < / p> < p> sticks ceramic tile, for almost all the family is decorated can meet the construction project, because ceramic tile is widely used, so many of the owners all had the problem of empty drum, and an empty drum, case become warped, fall off easily. That how to solve these problems? < / p> < p> a loose, ceramic tile completely < / p> < p> this kind of case, processing method is relatively simple, first of all to drum up brick of pottery and porcelain carefully remove and then put the ceramic tile and ground base part of the dust on the back of the impurities to clean, use a special ceramic tile adhesive for paste. Because it is granite floor tiles, the pressure resistance will have certain request, when paste on the back of the ceramic tile ceramic tile adhesive can be evenly daub is on the back of brick, try to avoid empty drum ceramic tile. < / p> < p> 2, brick of pottery and porcelain is not completely loose < / p> < p> this kind of problem of the difficulty is that at the time of take out the ceramic tile, may cause the damage of ceramic tile, it is likely to involve the replacement of broken tiles, if not spare ceramic tile, the ceramic tile that will be with you when vendors implement whether can find the same color number ( The same type of product, if not with a batch of production, the color may be difference) Products to fill some of the same color of ceramic tile. in the middle break open, the use of levers, the ceramic tile of the damaged from middle to carefully move around this kind of treatment is not damage on the surrounding of ceramic tile, ceramic tile to removed, then according to the following method to deal with. < / p> < p> but can be by way of grouting treatment, 108 glue is to mix cement mortar from a crack in the outdoor ceramic tile of penetration to the bottom of the ceramic tile to deal with. ( This processing method is a take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, can not completely solve the problem of the loosening of ceramic tile, may in the long run will still appear after loose problem. ) In addition, the ceramic tile after the above treatments, before the solid brick of pottery and porcelain did not work don't walk about in the above trample! < / p> < p>
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