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Ceramic tile shop with what points

by:JIABANG     2020-07-29

shop sticks outdoor ceramic tile is a very deep knowledge, to be very skilled master it, have to pass strict training, and careful thought, some improper operation when ceramic tile shop is stuck, and unqualified construction level will have serious consequences for the construction. This time, I know what is the granite floor tiles shop drawing is very important, have the drawings, we will be more cautious in the construction. Let below small make up take you to see when we don't have what is ceramic tile shop sticks shop drawing some of the need to be aware of the concept.

the main points of the ceramic tile shop sticks

Yang Angle

Yang Angle, Angle is formed by two sides wall stick out, usually used when shop sticks outdoor ceramic tile chamfering processing, namely at the edge of the outdoor ceramic tile on the back of the cutting outdoor wood deck tiles Mosaic & 90 deg; Right Angle, the external Angle. Meet the sense of responsibility is not strong masonry, may directly in order to convenient for the processing of outdoor wood deck tiles, outdoor wood deck tiles this handle adobe directly exposed, not good-looking. If you want to more simple and easy construction, also can use Yang Angle bead.

no slope design scheme of the shop is stuck, unable to drainage is wrong. Such as in the middle of the ceramic tile opening assemble directly.

the correct behavior should be: the ceramic tile press diagonal line into four pieces, the shop is stuck at the perimeter of the floor drain tile in a certain slope formed grooves, floor drain is embedded in the center. The water absorption of

the shop is stuck in the wet area such as kitchen, toilet must pay attention to the water absorption of ceramic tile. If ceramic tile is bibulous rate is high, after the shop is stuck because easy to hydrate appear yellow, color difference too much. Cutting

ceramic tile cutting is also prone to problem of link, the cutting size, cutting method requires precise operation. If not enough process superb, manual cutting may cause dark crack on the surface of the ceramic tile ceramic tile. If you need more cutting operation ( Complex scheme or spelling a flower shop is stuck) , it is recommended to use professional equipment for processing.

this is the small make up sorting out some enlightenment and matters needing attention. I hope you to alert to prevent similar problems. So understand what is the floor tile shop drawing, is necessary to know their role.

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