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Ceramic tile shop with any common sense?

by:JIABANG     2020-07-29

in ceramic tile shop is stuck at the time of the improper operation, not careful supervision and inspection, unqualified construction level, ceramic tile can be caused problems in later life. So, whether to buy or sell brick, outdoor wood deck tiles these basic shop is stuck common sense is worth a look.

shop sticks ceramic tile of common sense

seam is

tile must stay seaming, because ceramic tile will happen in the environment under the influence of heat bilges cold shrink, obligate outdoor wood deck tiles seam can avoid adjacent tiles by extrusion and appear empty drum. In addition, the ceramic tile can also reduce for ceramic tile seam size error and the error caused by manual operation seams not neat and uneven.

the shop is stuck direction

for outdoor ceramic tile texture clear, in order to ensure the visual effect of the shop is stuck, need to be carried out in accordance with the direction of the arrow on the bottom the ceramic tile shop is stuck, otherwise easy to have the texture of situation, can also cause uneven. bubble water

ceramic brick must bubble water, prevent body after the shop is stuck, absorb the moisture in cement mortar and cohesive force. Before the shop is stuck in clean water for 2 hours, will be subject to brick don't bubble, take out to dry.

clean back mortar

on the back of ceramic tile ceramic tile factory process readily form a layer of white powder. The powder will be formed when the shop is stuck blocking layer affect the contact of cement mortar and brick, thereby reducing bond strength. So be sure to take care of before the shop is stuck, in before and after bubble water scrub, when necessary to ensure that no residue mortar.

binding material wants even

a lot of master in cement mortar ( Or ceramic tile adhesive) Will use the blade back and forth express surface, bend a radian, it is not right, because the surface uneven teeth, not straight, density, can lead to a combination between bonding materials and ceramic tile area is smaller, stick relay.

the correct behavior should be: worked on the surface level, the ceramic tile adhesive with tooth scraper uniform form dentate layout.

this is just a ceramic tile in the shop is stuck tedious steps a few little detail, ceramic tile shop sticks and many other important aspects, such as how to use ceramic tile shop sticks software? The importance of ceramic tile shop sticks software, etc. , these all need everyone to go to practice. When you find out how to use ceramic tile shop sticks software this problem, you will find that your ceramic tile shop sticks technology has increased by many.

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