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Ceramic tile shop sticks to what aspects

by:JIABANG     2020-12-02

ceramic tile is the decoration materials used in our life, we must master to make our ceramic tile to stick a little better, introduce below small make up on ceramic tile shop sticks to what respect?

1, the shop is stuck when platoon brick methods according to the form of the shop is stuck, directivity pattern, if any, should be for best product according to the graphic direction the shop is stuck, pay special attention to, some of the texture is not obvious outdoor wood deck tiles, such as powder brick is also a direction, the average bricklayers wouldn't notice the details of the shop is stuck powder brick don't pay attention to the direction, desultorily. 2, seed line specifications shall conform to the floor tile specifications for seam and floor tile shop is stuck, generally in the living room or bedroom tile, everyone always likes to shop stude screws line 8 -- 15 mm, but many people don't pay attention to the specifications, the more won't go to the shop is stuck to seaming, is not beautiful. 3, had better use the shop is stuck, seam is at present a lot of users on the brick floor tile, the pursuit of the shop is stuck is beautiful and use sewing shop is stuck. Actually, because the shop is stuck when the granite floor tiles of base layer, the coefficient of heat bilges cold shrink of the paste layer and ceramic tile itself difference is very big, in 1-2 years, under the cold thermal stress damage of no seam may cause shop sticks ceramic tile summon up, fracture and so on. And after such problems in the shop is stuck, the cost and the ratio of the first cost of the shop is stuck about 4:1. And spread with the characteristics of the room for expansion, seam is easy to ensure the tile surface flat-fell seam, avoid the brick shape or size of the seam deviation caused by tiny deflection, affect the overall effect of the ceramic tile shop sticks. General external tile seam is 5 mm, some kinds of culture stone or even to leave 1 cm, interior wall brick: 1. 2 -- 5 mm, granite floor tiles: 3 mm, archaize brick 3 - 5 mm, some special effects of archaize brick to stay 5 - 10MM。 4 wall brick, ceramic tile shop sticks order should be under to spread, and to be in clean water for at least thirty minutes later, in order to the shop is stuck, of course, now the porcelain archaize brick paved on the wall or polishing outdoor wood deck tiles walls are not soggy, that is to say, bibulous rate is large products need to first immersed again the shop is stuck; Metope, the ratio of cement and sand is 1 to 4, the ground with cement sand ratio of 3 to 1. shop sticks to what respect is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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