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Ceramic tile shop sticks how to do

by:JIABANG     2020-12-08

buy back to ceramic tile in the shop is stuck, the shop is stuck is also there are a lot of ways, each kind of method is inseparable from the basic, so decking tile shop sticks how to do?

1, the ground processing need to be ground before laying floor tile processing, measuring level is to be done, so that we can know the slope of the ground, to be able to better control the effect of the shop is stuck. Then according to the ground area and granite floor tiles size determine each column in a row the number of tiles needed. 2, cement mortar ground processing is completed, need to be in the ground covered with a layer of mortar, mortar and the proportion of water is 3:1, formation of dry layer, with the shovel and plaster knife bridge surface, general mortar thickness for 3-4 cm. 3, even after the shop is stuck screeding mortar, using diluted into behind 1:1 with cement mortar to granite floor tiles, then spread evenly on the mortar on the shop floor in advance to confirm granite floor tiles even after the shop is stuck, can be the next steps. 4, trimming with seam using a rubber mallet and level check good empty drum and smooth floor tile, the ground after the completion of the shop is stuck, verify the design and color and texture, the second day is filled seam an agent can be used caulking. shop sticks will introduce how to do here, if you still want to know that more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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