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Ceramic tile shop sticks can use what method

by:JIABANG     2020-12-08

in the family is decorated in, sitting room, dining-room is suitable for ceramic tile shop sticks. Especially the sitting room, the ceramic tile on the shop, the glittering and translucent exquisite texture, more impressive. What method does so, ceramic tile shop sticks can be used?

1, the shop test, in a formal before the shop is stuck on the ground to try. This operation is to color number, size, design different ceramic tile has a clear distinction to mark again, won't appear behind the construction design of asymmetric problems. 2, the ground floor to clean first, can add some water to facilitate the construction. Cleaned up can the mortar screeding with wooden ruler, and then answer the lofting line. The whole process can also add some cement powder, stir evenly, so can increase the viscosity of the two. 3, away from the seam walkthrough shop sticks decking tile, ceramic tile and wall body between will reserve 1 - 2 mm mortar joint, in order to prevent from phenomenon caused by heat bilges cold shrink after ceramic tile. 4, laying outdoor wood deck tiles shop sticks ceramic tile, light with light, keep brick base and cover, facilitate discharge of bubbles. Then with a rubber hammer tapping the tile, let the mud at the bottom of the pavement, so as to solve the phenomenon of empty drum. And keep in level measurement. 5, repair shop is stuck 1 hour after ceramic tile, to promptly clean up the mud on the surface of the decking tile with sponge water, avoid cement hardening, it is difficult to clean up. 6, check the tile shop sticks 12 hours later, with wooden hammer knock brick surface in time, to detect whether there is any empty drum ceramic tile phenomenon. If found empty drum decking tile is needed to the shop is stuck. 7, protection when ceramic tile is put after all, people don't walk about in the above. Because walking around and can make outdoor wood deck tiles surface is rugged. It is best to leave after 48 hours. shop sticks can be used which methods is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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