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Ceramic tile shop sticks before why bubble water

by:JIABANG     2020-12-09

close friends home in decorating, have to stick granite floor tiles this step. But friends heard that prior to stick granite floor tiles with blisters, why? This is he a face of meng force, what happened? How long is the bubble? All outdoor wood deck tiles bubble?

a friend a face, small make up slowly tunnel out of reason. Original bubble water is to prevent ceramic tile ceramic tile itself to absorb the moisture of cement mortar, resulting in the empty drum, fall off, even the crack. There's a certain pore ceramic tile, posted before bubble water pore is to fully absorbing water. must all immersed in the water bubble water, so as to make ceramic tile fully & other; Drink a full & throughout; 。 Put the decking tile to birdbath, be sure to glaze up, tao face down, on the other hand, ceramic tile Angle knock against each other, easy to porcelain. As for the ceramic tile to run how long this problem, not a specific answer. Because of different ceramic tile is bibulous rate is different, and we are the final purpose is to let the ceramic tile & other; Drink a full & throughout; Water, pore is not in the bubble. But not all of the ceramic tile to bubble water oh, if the ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low, also do not need to bubble water. When ceramic tile shop sticks to everyone with a few pieces, don't once to bubble up. Because the ceramic tile color will be dark in one hundred, after bubble water bubble and bubble will appear off color, before we consider the loss of many ceramic tile that buy don't finish all bubble, otherwise the late appear problem, cause unnecessary loss. shop sticks before why bubble water is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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