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Ceramic tile shop sticks

by:JIABANG     2020-12-04

decorate a style to growing, make ceramic tile also have a variety of the shop is stuck. Consumers can choose the most suitable for their own way to the shop is stuck, obtain satisfactory results at the same time, also can show their own personality. Below small make up will choose the most representative of three methods for the shop is stuck to explain how ceramic tile shop sticks.

the first is a horizontal spread with vertical pave the shop is stuck to the wall when the shop is stuck in the form of parallel aligned outdoor wood deck tiles joints and without seam, at the same time with the outdoor wood deck tiles color close to tick off seam jointing agent processing. The shop is stuck way looks fresh and clean, and spread the ceramic tile of horizontal or vertical rectangle, can make the space appears capacious. Dosage of the ceramic tile of this way is the most easy to calculate, directly to the area is divided by the size of each piece of ceramic tile, and then is rounded, add more than one or two ceramic tile as a loss. The second is the diamond shop law like some personality diamond shop law, so that we can make metope and ground looks more distinctive, you can see more different lines. To calculate the dosage of the decking tile shop is stuck way, actually not difficult also, also use area is divided by the size of each piece of outdoor wood deck tiles, and then take the whole. The difference is that this way of the shop is stuck to decorating the teacher requirement is very high, and ceramic tile loss will be higher, attrition rate reached 15%. Shop and the third is the combined method of different size, style and color of decking tile can be certain combinations of the shop is stuck, present a different effect on the ground and avoid single tonal and unified shop law, in key areas, such as hospitality area, TV setting wall can guide line in areas such as the ornament of edge, even use adornment picture. The shop is stuck way to calculate the most difficult, step by step to calculate the amount of each area of the ceramic tile used, then add 10% 15% of the loss, and finally to the quantity of each kind of ceramic tile together. How ceramic tile shop is stuck is introduced here, small make up summary: calculate the dosage of ceramic tile method is divided into three steps. The first step is to decide where to use ceramic tile, respectively to calculate to the area of the ceramic tile ( The ground directly length by the width, much less to fill; Metope length times floors high minus the ceiling height) ; The second step is to identify each need to shop sticks ceramic tile used in ceramic tile size; The third step is according to the area, calculation formula and the way the shop is stuck to choose ceramic tile size ( Different ways of the shop is stuck loss is different) 。 Clear to calculate the required dosage of ceramic tile decoration, can help us according to the budget, easy to select the most suitable for the ceramic tile of brand.

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