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Ceramic tile shop is stuck with what method

by:JIABANG     2020-12-03

for kitchen and toilet, in order to better protect the metope, people can choose ceramic tile, ceramic tile shop is stuck not only have a beautiful effect, also have a protective effect, so ceramic tile shop sticks with what method? Soak ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of choose and buy clean first, and soaking time for a while. Soak ceramic tile is to fully absorb sufficient moisture, lest after completion of the shop is stuck absorb moisture in the material, cause adhesive water deficiency, affect the adhesive fastness, leading to empty drum, fall off. after fully submerged and need to take out from the water before the shop is stuck and wipe the surface moisture, so that the shop is stuck. Set the support board, ceramic tile in the need when the shop is stuck with horizontal line as the criterion, set to ceramic tile can play supporting role of wood, in order to prevent the decking tile adhesive strength is reached before the displacement or drop. In order the shop is stuck, granite floor tiles shop is stuck in general by window edge ( Or balcony) Start from top to bottom, from left and right order. Concrete paving method is: water embellish screed-coat, first with a shovel to silt oar ( Or other adhesive) To put on the back of ceramic tile, ceramic tile affixed to the wall, with a shovel or rubber hammer handle tap ceramic tile, make silt oar space between the wall and decking tile. After completion of cleaning, maintenance, granite floor tiles shop is stuck on the surface of the stain and dust need clear in time, here are some cleaning and maintenance methods. In the surface contamination is more serious, is stained with some difficult to remove stains can use 10% concentration of dilute hydrochloric acid solution to clean. If must use tap water after clean with dilute hydrochloric acid, rinse it again. glaze after the completion of the clearing can spray on the surface with a thin layer of be brightener, with soft cloth to wipe it again, you can keep the light on the surface of the ceramic tile and less polluted. shop is stuck with what method is introduced here, if you want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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