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Ceramic tile shop is stuck setting wall

by:JIABANG     2021-05-27

in recent years, TV setting wall of sitting room decorate effect task as more and more get people's attention. But, the sitting room TV setting wall exactly how the shop is stuck, should choose what style? Today, the za this enthusiastic small make up is how to reorganize the ceramic tile background wall outdoor wood deck tiles, let everybody have a good reference.

color emboss series setting wall is only used for building indoor metope adornment, the shop is stuck position to avoid exposure to the sun for a long time, avoid the rain and the smell of cooking. Open the packing, please check the integrity of the product and the whole picture of the beautiful sex, when the shop is stuck every piece of brick bottom arrow and number, consistent with the packing surface pavement rendering code position. When single move to avoid the friction between the two pieces of brick, don't make the brick Angle cut other tile pattern. Although coated on the surface of protective film. Before the shop is stuck in accordance with the requirements of the specific way of adhesion, adhesive fastness of metope to check, didn't meet the need of intensity abort and reinforcement. To avoid surface scratch pattern, coating adhesive on the back of the product to make product positive in foam, soft materials such as paper or cloth above to operate. background wall brick is introduced here, TV setting wall, as the name implies, is a kind of decoration for the sitting room TV setting metope, occupy a quite important status in background wall design, can effectively make up the household space TV area setting wall is empty, have the effect of modified TV area background wall, at the same time can greatly promote household savour, reveal the high quality of attitude towards life.

floor tile color how to choose and buy

when decorate, is the need for the floor tile of joint, decking tile is not only the points of the white and gray, the color of the floor tile has also been gradually diversified, so people need to know how to choose the floor tile color? How to choose and buy the floor tile color?

a, determine the color a, the ceramic tile of warm color can add warmth to your household environment, comfortable feeling. Such as red can increase indoor China beauty. And brown will make indoor produced a kind of warm, quiet and pleasant feeling. B, the ceramic tile that cool color moves the sense that gives a person to contracted and relaxed. Such as blue tiles will bring cool and refreshing, carefree feeling for indoor; And green will highlight the easily and naturally inside the bedroom decorate a style. C, intermediate color into black, white, grey, etc is contemporary and contracted decorate commonly used color, in addition has the characteristics of neat and refined, contemporary feeling strong can rise to adjust the effect of indoor light. Second, color depth, the grasp of the principles, as you know, any color can be adjusted from shallow to deep, therefore, to consider when choosing ceramic tile color - dark effect - Brunet ceramic tile is generally applicable to smooth, daylighting enough room; The light color ceramic tile shop is worse in daylighting of the room can increase indoor brightness. color how to choose and buy is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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