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Ceramic tile selected error

by:JIABANG     2020-12-29

here are a few sales ceramic tile people give to us about the content of the ceramic tile of choose and buy, from these sales ceramic tile people advice to we can learn a lot of skills about ceramic tile of choose and buy. Here is to look at it together.

ceramic tile of choose and buy what error

error 1, buy more goods return very trouble

ceramic tile is one of the first to advocate at the site, so at the beginning of the decoration to choose and buy, booking. But how many there will be some measurement error before construction, many designers, sales people will suggest the consumers to buy more. Many consumers think it is a kind of sales approach, in order to improve the turnover. Even though some consumers understand this kind of behavior, also due to worry about return of the rejected.

resolution: in addition to the hard to avoid in practical construction of normal wear and tear, found in the construction of ceramic tile is not enough to buy again, will there is a color difference because of different furnace production, or need to wait for the supply of goods and delay the construction period. Consumers in the ceramic tile of choose and buy for the first time to buy some more is better, wall outdoor wood deck tiles and granite floor tiles are usually in more out of the shop is stuck with a total area of 5% It is advisable to 8%. Brand ceramic tile can return as stipulated in the contract, consumers don't need to worry too much.

special attention: for reasonable return, replenishment, brand ceramic tile are generally there is no problem. However, ceramic tile manufacturers usually specified in the contract return, time limit, the replenishment for 30 days and 60 days commonly, each brand of time is different, need to ask in advance. In addition, for the elimination of the product, the manufacturer will do the discount, but will clearly indicate its offerings, and remind consumers to buy the quantity of surplus when buy. Consumers also ask whether products are plentiful, avoid the shop is stuck, it found that not enough is unable to replenishment. Especially pay attention to when buying small plant products, a salesman may not all don't know whether a product is plentiful, need to be alert to the choose and buy.

that's small make up for everybody finishing sales ceramic tile people give some tips on ceramic tile of choose and buy, want to be able to help you.

ceramic tile stick

ceramic tile is not an easy job, if you don't have a related technologies, it is hard to control, if that tile to expensive, it is best to learn myself this little skill, stick a wall ceramic tile this small make up is to introduce in detail the process for you, hope you can help to you! ( is stuck)

1。 before the paste, a step is necessary, is to use water to immerse 2 hours, simply immersed in order to make decking tile can absorb the moisture in advance, so as to avoid after the shop is stuck sucked moisture in the bonding material, thus affecting the bonding strength, or lead to adhesive material shrinkage caused by too much empty drum, debonding, and so on and so forth. Flooding postscript to use cotton cloth to wipe the surface of the water can only be carried out after the shop is stuck to dry.

2。 After soaking in the hanging vertical, so mainly to determine the size of the ceramic tile lines, so the shop is stuck to do surface level off, and can achieve the ceramic tile horizontal even vertical, otherwise the effect of the post crooked very not harmonious.

3。 In order to make ceramic tile can be in the position on the wall some more solid, is the need for supporting board, should be based on a horizontal line, and then set wooden plate of ceramic tile supporting role. The purpose is to prevent the ceramic tile in the bonding material not hardening and build strength drop or shift before may.

4。 After everything is ready you can start doing business ceramic tile! Generally start from doors and Windows, and according to the bottom-up, from left to right order. Shop is stuck is first water wetting leveling layer, then mixed in advance with a shovel bonding material on the back of ceramic tile, ceramic tile to stick on the wall again. Application of ash rubber hammer to tap, of course, make the bonding material can full the space between the ceramic tile with metope, in turn, the shop is stuck is flat and level.

about the ceramic tile of post process is like this! According to this a few steps down should be no big problem, want to know more related content, welcome to continue to pay attention to our website! Here are the most authoritative information! The next issue we goodbye! ( is stuck)

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