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Ceramic tile seam filling agent how to use

by:JIABANG     2021-01-08

believe that a lot of friends have a confused, is the home of the ceramic tile is used long after, there will be cracking and aging become yellow and so on a series of phenomenon, and every time that happens, we can do is fixed, mostly used to repair tools also is actually ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, here is a brief introduction of how to use this thing! ( filling agent)

1。 Look at first to make sure that the ceramic tile of filling agent manual

in general, the ceramic tile on the market gap filling agent is that above, careful look at the instructions first, how the use of water against the tone. To do the preparatory work, the tools ready, tools are necessary. To the ceramic tile of caulking scrub clean again, can be ready to start work.

2。 Water dilution

these swap is commonly used to water, adding suitable amount of water, then stir well. Then let stand for a few minutes, let it become sticky paste. Proportion must follow the instructions to the best paste cannot too not too thick, to be just fine.

3。 Use the brush tool evenly between ceramic tile aperture

the water well, you can begin to work, find a brush tool, dip in on paste in the ceramic tile of sewing. Besmear to brush smooth, as much as possible, stay on the side of the paste don't tube it temporarily.

4。 Waiting for ceramic tile aperture dry

this time don't try so hard, be sure to slowly waiting for, probably need to wait about 20 minutes, to paste completely dry. Whether can use hand to touch dry, don't continue to wait for, be sure to dry.

5。 The extra material daub again

wipe excess material attached to the tiles, then repeat just work, continue to crack the paste body, the second fill. The second, and more to ensure the neatness of the surface is smooth, because of the dry after appearing, no longer be blotted out, whether smooth surface is decided.

this is the ceramic tile on the market the correct way of using the filling agent. If you are familiar with, also can let oneself of old ceramic tile to glow the New Year! Want to know more related content, welcome to continue to focus on the website! Finally thank you for watching! ( filling agent)

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