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Ceramic tile seam construction matters needing attention

by:JIABANG     2020-08-02

now standard of decoration for people more and more high, this is especially in reflected on the processing of detail, such as on the processing of ceramic tile aperture. In the past, people usually use white cement to fill the gap between ceramic tile, and now people are mostly adopts the seam an agent, the beauty of it compared with other sewing materials, not only beautiful, but they have more powerful performance. Beauty so ceramic tile seam do? What are the precautions for the seam construction outdoor ceramic tile? Below small make up will discuss these issues with all of you to make a share, expect to help friends in need.

ceramic tile seam beauty do a

normally ceramic tile seam beauty these work is accomplished by the master, so a lot of people think it is a very professional, very complicated. In fact to make ceramic tile seam beauty is not so difficult, everyone can be master by learning. Before the construction, we need to prepare the corresponding tools and materials: the seam an agent, crepe paper, gloves, silicone gun, pressure edge ball, pen knife, crack-cleaning cone, brush.

ceramic tile seam beauty do two

a lot of people don't know when to do the seam, actually the best time to do the seam after paint node is to play or to stick the wallpaper. Cleaned before construction, we still deal with the ground, and then deal with ceramic tile aperture, the ceramic tile seam with the seam cone to shovel out within a 2 mm deep grooves, seam an agent to be more beautiful, paste surface area is flat enough to play, it is not easy to fall off, so light is easy to fall off.

ceramic tile seam beauty do three

we will work very well after a year earlier, you can begin to fill the seam an agent. All the seam an agent mouth turned on first, and then put on the glue guns, waste, and then install rubber mouth, according to the size of the seam, a lateral incision with box cutters proper treatment. Because there is the air before the rubber mouth or mixed uneven, so the length of 40 cm can't be used, extrusion discarded as waste. After dry, you can use the shovel to root out the beauty of a small amount of residual seam an agent. You're done.

the ceramic tile seam construction matters needing attention

the seam looks be like simple, but did a lot of implicit knowledge, need to keep an eye on many things, too. In order to ensure the effect after the seam, we should grasp the point at which the good construction Suggestions on after wall paint or wallpaper is advisable. This is because the granite floor tiles shop is stuck, start the batch of metope scraping gypsum, putty, paint, such as construction process, in the processing of the top of the wall, easy to dirty on the ground, so comprehensive advice of seam granite floor tiles time nodes on the top of metope act the role of surface treatment ( Paint or wallpaper, etc. ) It is advisable to finished.

the ceramic tile seam construction matters needing attention

some owner temper is urgent, do a perfect seam began to mop the floor, cleaning. You remember that within 24 hours after the completion of the engineering don't mop the floor or water. Additional, when construction on both sides of the ceramic tile paste art paper, best beautiful seam an agent containing oily substances, cleaning is difficult.

the above is the beauty of ceramic tile seam do beauty and ceramic tile seam construction considerations related to share, now on the market is a wide variety of beautiful seam an agent, color is rich, we can according to the needs of domestic outfit to choose appropriate seam an agent. If you have more questions, welcome to continue to focus on this web site, later will be more wonderful content for everyone.

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