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Ceramic tile seam beauty when is a good time to do?

by:JIABANG     2020-09-26
is indispensable to modern in domestic outfit building materials products, and laying essential after ceramic tile is by modifying the ceramic tile, this is where the beauty with ceramic tile seam an agent to decorate, so the effect will be better after decorating, and convenient to clean, waterproof. So, when ceramic tile seam beauty do right? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the decking tile seam beauty? Along with the below small make up together and see it! seam when is a good time to do 1. One week after the stick a good ceramic tile construction ceramic tile seam beauty when do right? Is generally a week after the shop sticks ceramic tile on the seam, but it also depends on ceramic tile adhesive ( Cement) The dry degree, must wait for dry after beauty to ceramic tile seam construction, otherwise the seam an agent will be affected with damp be affected with damp, leading to fall off, whitish phenomenon, but also leads to appear empty drum ceramic tile phenomenon, serious when need to rework. 2. Before install condole top or ambry construction for the kitchen and toilet of ceramic tile seam when do right? For if kitchen cabinets and to install droplight, such as the ceramic tile of the reentry after installed the seam, it would be very difficult construction, and construction after the effect is not good, so be sure to wait for the kitchen cabinet and droplight before installation to do ceramic tile seam. 3. Good paint or wallpaper construction for the living room and balcony area after the ceramic tile of beauty and best stick again good wallpaper or brush paint construction is better, because these projects will produce decorate garbage, cleaning more arduous, so must finish the work before such as the construction joints. 4. Before move in furniture construction in order not to increase the difficulty and beauty make ceramic tile seam construction must be done before move in furniture construction, this construction effect will be better. 5. Woodworking with the painters after applied due to the carpentry with the painters construction will produce lots of rubbish and dust, etc. , so ceramic tile seam beauty still have to wait after the completion of the wood and the painters again, so as not to affect beautiful effect. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the ceramic tile seam beauty advantages: 1. Smooth surface, such as porcelain, ceramic tile surface is very smooth after drying of the seam an agent, and its wear resistance and strength are good, and good self-cleaning, and more easy to clean, also won't shelter evil people and practices, so as not to nourish the bacteria. 2. Good waterproof, antifouling effect: beautiful high quality ceramic tile seam an agent has the very good moisture-proof, waterproof, impermeability, don't be stained with dirt, and other functions, so that the ceramic tile seam never dirty black. 3. Green: because of the beauty of ceramic tile seam an agent is made by advanced materials for production, so it is tasteless, non-toxic, does not contain harmful gases. 4. The construction is convenient, ceramic tile seam construction is very simple, easy to operate. 5. Particularly strong adornment effect: beautiful ceramic tile seam an agent of the rich color and luster effect is good, also won't fade, to the ground and had a very good adornment metope. 6. Beauty of ceramic tile seam an agent applicable scope is wide, such as ceramic tile, glass, wood, stone, Mosaic, aluminous model board can be adornment material such as cracks. Weakness: the beauty of ceramic tile seam construction have to be very careful, because construction procedures will be more complicated, but for professional people is also a piece of cake. The article summary: ceramic tile seam when do right? More than small make up for everyone to do detailed explanation, everybody needs to be done in the correct order construction construction, this beautiful ceramic tile seam an agent after construction decoration effect will be better, or it will lead to rework.
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