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Ceramic tile seam beauty effect?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-02

new decorate achieve friend should have seen a lot of beautiful beauty of ceramic tile seam effect, mainly after the completion of a outdoor ceramic tile shop sticks to do the beautification of measure, so you know what are the advantages of ceramic tile seam beauty again? Why so many people are keen on the seam? Us to make a brief introduction of outdoor ceramic tile seam effect below

ceramic tile seam beauty effect,

1. Mainly used for decoration, do it after finish shop sticks ceramic tile in the seam, make ceramic tile more luster, rich in natural exquisite color, such as gold, silver, pearl, and significantly better than white, black, white cement, sealant, lead to better overall effect, therefore, decoration is much better than white cement, color sealant.

2。 Make ceramic tile more durable sex, because after curing, the seam an agent of a smooth surface, such as porcelain, can swab with ceramic tile, has the characteristics of infiltration and waterproof, can make the real ceramic tile gap 'never black. Curing agent after solidification, smooth surface, such as porcelain, high strength, wear resistance, and excellent self-cleaning, easy to clean, wipe clean, can swab with ceramic tile; Hiding dirt, avoid cracks and mold it is not easy to cause harm to human body health.

3。 The seam an agent waterproof, antifouling never dirty: waterproof, moistureproof, impermeability, non-stick fouling characteristics, make ceramic tile seam the same dirty, otherwise the dirty things into the tile seam inside also very afflictive.

4。 Good material, by new high-tech polymer materials + of high-grade paint and special additives. It is different from white cement. Color caulking agent ( Grouting agent) ( Dry cement material + low pigment) Is mainly composed of inorganic materials. So are generally green, senior, non-toxic, tasteless, no benzene, toluene, xylene, is also safer to use.

5。 Do the seam is convenient, already beautiful and easy to operation, can be said to be too, so now the people like to do the seam.

if you are just spread ceramic tile, suggest to understand more about the seam, carefully consider the indoor decoration effect for the beauty of different seam an agent, such as color must be match! Beauty that is in this issue of ceramic tile seam effect of some relevant content are introduced, thank you for your watch!

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