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Ceramic tile renovation strategy

by:JIABANG     2020-08-01

after long time use ceramic tile, will become dim because of various factors, lack of former days bright, beautiful and sell at a discount greatly. So ceramic tile renovation will become one of the preferred way we improve tile situation. So, outdoor ceramic tile renovation should do? Underneath, small make up prepared some outdoor ceramic tile renovation experience sharing, together and see it!

a, ceramic tile renovation strategy

1, clean the old tile

after years of baptism, ceramic tile surface easy to scale, grease, especially in the stain. Therefore, when clean ceramic tile, it is recommended to use decontamination creams for a thoroughly clean the surface. Processing of ceramic tile aperture, can use a toothbrush with decontamination creams and brush away. Finally clean with clear water again, dry can. If the effect is not satisfied, you can also use the polishing machine for ceramic tile polishing, it can make ceramic tile shining brilliantly, but has a certain effect on the integrity of the pattern texture.

2, stick stickers

1 glue stick is ceramic tile renovation measures recently, trust is the first time I saw a lot of friends. glue stick, the operation is very simple, just on the ceramic tile. This call glue with all sorts of design and color, so can not only play a role of ceramic tile cover, also on the surface of the ceramic tile that single pure color add their favorite design. Friends are interested in buying, be sure to ask personnel specific operation method, so as to avoid waste of material.

3, recolor

outdoor ceramic tile after long-term sun exposure, will inevitably be on the surface of some cracks and fade in color, this is normal phenomenon, no one can keep unchanged in ten thousand ceramic tile. If you don't want to reinstall, you can try to use the special ceramic tile paint color processing, make its restore beautiful. paint, however, to avoid into the seam, lest affect beautiful.

4, old new tile ceramic tile

if your granite floor tiles is very old, introduces three methods before is not recommended. Can try to change this, the new shop is stuck directly on the basis of old ceramic tile ceramic tile. The operation is complicated, we have to find professionals to operate. If encounter with regional empty drum, that is about to root out the region, and then use some other flat after ceramic tile, and based on this, an upper new ceramic tile.

article summary: that's about ceramic tile renovation strategy and four methods there is always a suitable for all of your content. In addition to appeal to introduce four kinds of, can also be on the basis of old ceramic tile laid wood floor, but this very test family stories. So, you do ceramic tile renovation to choose the right way.

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