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Ceramic tile related knowledge of suture

by:JIABANG     2020-08-14

we all know, decorate exquisite ceramic tile is to have a lot of, especially in the case of a few more details, if not perfect it is very easy to cause the tiles after the process of the accident, such as the current small make up is to simply tell me about the ceramic tile seam related introduction, see if it is helpful to you!

this so-called outdoor ceramic tile seam to understand are simple, usually in decorating a tile, we will leave a gap between the ceramic tile and ceramic tile, this is necessary, but the so-called seam is in after you have connected the two outdoor ceramic tile, there is a gap between them, and this gap is not too big, maintained the distance between each two pieces. Don't see the kung fu is simple, cost idea but is actually a lot!

to learn about the ceramic tile to sew a few tips:

1. In ceramic tile in the process of sewing, do not set aside the better part of a tile position, at the same time also shoulds not be not less than half brick, beside the door and window location should keep the whole brick. If according to the size of the original design room cannot reach the secondary when the design requirements, on the premise of guarantee the Windows and doors hole size, can be in the construction of the maintenance structure is to adjust the position of the door hole.

2。 to make it look more appropriate, in the second design, the row of bricks to be consistent with the installation, before the installation of pipelines, the reserved to thoughtful when the mouth of the cave, such as determining the position of floor drain, should make it in the center of the granite floor tiles. It is a more qualified ceramic tile on the seam.

3。 Then said this large outdoor ceramic tile of toilet a few tricks, generally of big toilet squat machine outdoor wood deck tiles joints as far as possible with ground outdoor wood deck tiles seam alignment, if cannot come true, squat sets of brick joints with ground brick joints alignment, squat down to large flat granite floor tiles implement core line as baseline points in both sides, make whole squatting stick after brick reached to each big toilet for the effect of a small unit.

this is the current some related contents about the ceramic tile of seam is introduced, if for the decorate want to have a deeper understanding of knowledge, welcome to continue to pay attention to our website!

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