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Ceramic tile quality identification method is what

by:JIABANG     2020-08-15

now, ceramic tile industry increasingly update, lead to ceramic tile can have good and bad, if there is no experience will be selected to the poor quality of outdoor ceramic tile, ceramic tile quality identification method is what?

knock: listen to the sound distinguishes the density. Choose the ceramic tile is the most important is to consider the quality problem. Discern ceramic tile stand or fall has a lot of standards, can undertake knock, ringing specification outdoor ceramic tile changes sound density and hardness, good quality.

test: look at the water absorption of ceramic tile. In general, the lower the water absorption of ceramic tile, on behalf of the inherent stability of ceramic tile is taller, also suit the space with higher humidity or moisture content ( Such as toilet, kitchen) And won't produce the problem such as shading. The simplest method is to use a glass of water on the back of ceramic tile, w. p. diffusion is rapid, show bibulous rate on the high side, conversely is low.

blow: from the trace to see quality. Check the surface quality of ceramic tile, can scratch the glazed ceramic tile, with good thing if you leave a mark, explain quality is poor.

watch: to observe the color and roughness. In general, the color of ceramic tile the clearer, the better, it did have a look at the pinhole to the naked eye, pinhole easy accumulation of dirt, and then observe the roughness of ceramic tile, side flat, shop is easy, effect is better.

what is ceramic tile quality identification method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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