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Ceramic tile printer characteristics and how to use

by:JIABANG     2020-10-07
For ceramic tile printer, everyone is familiar with it, it can not only in PVC, ceramic, glass, crystal and other materials for printing, and can reduce the printing cost, increase profits, therefore, by the people of all ages and, then, what is the distinguishing feature of decking tile printer? Here we introduce in detail: ceramic tile printer characteristics and how to use decking tile printer? printer features: 1, don't pick material, can be in the crystal, glass, ceramics and other exquisite pattern on the surface of the printing. 2 no surface contact, and printing design, to avoid product damage. 3, is suitable for thin and 20 cm thick any products. 4, no plate making, small batch printing. 5, no color, a multicolor printing. 6, simple operation, namely the spray dried. 7, high yield, long service life. 8, micro piezoelectric inkjet printing precision can reach 2880. DPI。 9, machine performance is more stable. 10, continuous supply ink system, can reduce printing costs, increase profits. 11, a full range of printing inks and layer processing technology. 12, clear special ink can ensure that the product colour is gorgeous. 13, the printing speed can be adjusted according to the printing precision. 14, automatic sensor will automatically adjust the height of the product, after the completion of the automatic recovery fixator. printer how to use: 1, the staff can use photoshop on computer graphic design software, such as images and printing parameters set. 2, printers, and glass put, put the more careful, small deviation, the better the results. 3, the staff can output print command on the computer, the machine after receiving instructions, would be the printing process, the staff to him who will but wait. 4, the printer will stop working after finish printing, staff at this time as long as will print products out. printer use note: 1, printer, fever, smoke, smell, sound, contact staff to immediately cut off power supply. 2, the paper is not set, the ban on print, so as to avoid the print head and printing roller damage. 3, when the print head to cool prohibited contact, in order to avoid scald, were injured. 4, when the print head work, do not touch the print head. 5, the print head, cut off the power supply is prohibited. 6, in excess, perform a Hugh 8 minutes to printers, lest printer overheating and damage. Article summary: ceramic tile printer characteristic and decking tile printer how to use the relevant knowledge is introduced here, in the use of the printer, be careful to use, run into heat, smoke, smell, sound, contact with the staff to immediately cut off power supply, lest cause damage.
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