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Ceramic tile price?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-13

decoration industry are now spending is very big, this is everybody know, especially when the tile is particularly serious, spending money if you decorate it is white, is very easy to corrupt businessmen to cheat, this small make up for the outdoor ceramic tile of simple about the current quotation is what circumstance, the hope can help to you! ( quotation)

1。 of the ceramic tile of materials shall be borne by the owners themselves active cases offer

in general it is best to buy outdoor ceramic tile, if so, only such as cement and mud to bear the cost of workers is relatively low, the reference is: 40 - 48 yuan between. The price in the accessories price is floating, also has the certain floating. And must be the ceramic tile of different specifications, also have certain differences. General 300 * 300300 * 450600 * 600800 * 800 in 42 - price 48 yuan/square meters, the diamond shop is stuck - 50 65 yuan/flat, 150 * 150165 * 165 the price of the outdoor wood deck tiles of this small specifications do not say more, in 60 The price of 120 yuan/flat.

2。 Including ceramic tile and packaging of ceramic tile quotation

of course, not everyone so confident with their own eyes, so many owners will choose to believe decoration workers, let them to buy ceramic tile and material things, namely we often say the full package of services. So the price must be relatively high, general price is above 60 yuan ( Cost is mainly based on your choice of ceramic tile spec and brand and quality, choose the ceramic tile of the better the quality, the higher the price. Generally not recommended the owner to choose this kind of ceramic tile, because in terms of ceramic tile, it is very easy to decorate a company to defective goods when is superior to offer, who is the owner.

3。 Just buy ceramic tile price

3, just the price of the tile

of course, in addition to the above that the outside of the two still have a kind of situation is oneself buy ceramic tile, ceramic tile and accessories are provided by our own, tile artificial only demand. Tile artificial price now is: an average 30 - 35 yuan/square meters. As a result of granite floor tiles brand, model, material, and manufacturer is different, of course, the price of the granite floor tiles will also vary. The price of the granite floor tiles in dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. So when buying ceramic tile must oneself more contrast is good, if not who is the owner himself!

this is the current relevant contents about tile offer, if you still want to know more related content, we welcome you to continue to pay attention to ceramic tile's official website! Finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( quotation)

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