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Ceramic tile premium brands list

by:JIABANG     2020-09-26
Now decorate the most common material is ceramic tile, ceramic tile no matter in metope and ground application very much, it has the advantage of wear-resisting, easy to clean, adornment effect is good. Nowadays brand ceramic tile is very much, so a line list what brand ceramic tile, might as well as small make up together and see it! List 1, dongpeng ceramic tile ceramic tile premium brands dongpeng ceramic tile is specializing in the production of granite floor tiles, wall brick of the brand, the brand since its inception, has always been to cast quality brand, science and technology to promote the brand, leading the consumption trend of the industry. 2, hongyu hongyu brand ceramic tile from guangdong, is a line of ceramic tile China brand. The brand is given priority to with high quality, high technical features, have very high status in the industry, can meet a lot of consumer demand for all floor tile. 3, the Nobel ceramic tile of Nobel ceramic tile brand was established in 1992, is a very famous brand in the field of ceramic tile, has the world advanced fully automatic production line. 4, crown pearl tile crown beads brand is the first national inspection-exempted products, through the national 3 c certification, for more than 20 years has been given priority to with new product development. Products through strict quality control and the high praise, are exported to all over the world. 5, the Mona Lisa ceramic tile ceramic tile brand Mona Lisa is one of domestic famous brand, also is one of the ten famous brands in Chinese ceramics, Mona Lisa ceramic tile brand always thought people beautification household environment, improve the life quality is given priority to, product design is unique modelling. 6, the new source in the new source of ceramic tile ceramic tile also is first-line brand ceramic tile, it is the top 500 Asian brands, China's environmental protection product, and the design, production, sales in one of the famous building ceramic enterprises. 7, Marco Polo said that Marco Polo ceramic tile ceramic tile, you will surely not strange, it is very famous brand in home decoration ceramic tile. Products cover all kinds of decking tile of inside and outside, the product design and color is more, is the most complete domestic ceramic product series of brand. 8, Europe god nuo of Europe god nuo ceramic tile ceramic tile brand was founded in 1998, founded more than a decade, has been the pursuit of fashion, high-end luxury products, the ceramic tile industry is the most innovative high-end brands and industry benchmarking. 9, eagle eagle ceramic brand, founded in 1974, is specialized in research, development, production and sales all kinds of ceramic tile products of large enterprises. Main products are: polished tile, glazed tile, wall outdoor wood deck tiles, prevent slippery floor tile, etc. , relying on high-quality product quality, set up good reputation at home and abroad market. 10 Asia, Asia decking tile ceramic tile is also a brand is very famous in the industry, product appearance design is novel, style diversity, much favour insiders. Above is all about tile premium brands list, in the hope that we can refer to these brands when buying ceramic tile. Though the first-line brand ceramic tile quality is quite good, but also want to see the quality of the product, when buy to avoid buying to the unqualified products.
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