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Ceramic tile on the back of the relevant knowledge

by:JIABANG     2020-08-01

when decorate want to save money, the key is to find economical materials, especially in this piece of outdoor ceramic tile, after all, the ceramic tile on the market, with prices also vary widely, how to choose can avoid being pit? Below small make up to explain the ceramic tile on the back of the simple

1. First is to look at the back of the ceramic tile, generally good ceramic tile on the back of the color is more pure, and the colour is more uniform, not mixed other colors, so is close friends certainly, don't buy those strange color of ceramic tile.

2。 The surface of ceramic tile has a lot of particles, the particles if is more uniform is the good quality ceramic tile, said here refers to the surface of ceramic tile of fragment breakup. In general, split in close, hard brittle, colour and lustre is consistent for top grade. Because of the ceramic tile of grain is exquisite waterproof ability; And the ceramic tile of larger particles, water easily immersed, affect the quality.

3。 To pay more attention to the thickness of the ceramic tile glaze layer. glaze is what we call the whole surface of ceramic tile, the thickness of glaze and glaze layer thickness is a transverse. Glaze is the most expensive material of ceramic tile cost, glaze layer is thick, the natural quality, the better.

4。 Online there are other ways to identify good ceramic tile, for example, to find the ink spread on face scrub in an hour to see if there is a trace, no trace is good outdoor wood deck tiles, seeping into the resolute don't choose. This method is worthy of reference, buyers can try.

this is this issue about the ceramic tile is the topic of how to choose some related content, to sum up the ceramic tile on the back or have large influence on the overall quality of ceramic tile. Want to know more related content welcome to continue to pay attention to our website! Here are the most authoritative information, thank you for your watch!

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