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Ceramic tile on how to do?

by:JIABANG     2020-12-28

recently, small make up received a lot of article about ceramic tile on the question, for the decking tile on article in some kind of understanding, also is for us the below article about ceramic tile on the details, hope these can help to you.

how on ceramic tile background wall?

1。 Before the shop is stuck must find an empty place in accordance with the outdoor wood deck tiles bottom number pieced together the pattern. ( Suggest you dear friends remember setting wall of first try yo work shop) 。

2。 Before and after unpacking the product must be kept upright, avoid is flat. Open the packing, in single chip removal make outdoor wood deck tiles Angle from scratch when other tile pattern.

3。 In the single chip removal is to avoid the friction between the two pieces of outdoor wood deck tiles, although coated on the surface of protective film. Before the shop is stuck in accordance with the requirements of the specific way of adhesion, adhesive fastness of metope to check, didn't meet the need of intensity abort and reinforcement.

4。 Before installation shall not tear protective film. To avoid surface scratch pattern, coating adhesive on the back of the product to make product positive in foam, soft materials such as paper or cloth above to operate.

5。 The need when the shop is stuck on the product need to use wood mat on the surface, not directly with the shop is stuck tools to knock brick surface. When filling out 鏠 don't too hard, in order to avoid scratch the product picture.

6。 After all sticky suggested to don't protective film, such as whole space decorate completed, when cleaning the completely tear protective film again. Tear protective film, slowly to the four sides of the protective film, and then slowly tear protective film from either side. In the process of tear, do not use the power of the moment, local, avoid uneven stick out protective layer on the surface of the product design.

ceramic tile setting wall is ok or not?

1, the craft is advanced, there are carved and brilliantly coloured, the former can produce variety of graphics, free to grasp and the depth of the high and low, the edge is more detail. While the latter is to use 36 million pixels reduction high-definition pictures, make the designs in the decking tile color more gorgeous, grain more lifelike, more delicate texture, has a unique effect.

2, high quality products, made setting wall ceramic tile to still need to select material, for its low water absorption, high wear resistance, good ability of moisture-proof, antifouling and then to carry on the processing, in order to achieve the best effect of color carving, patches of selection.

that's small make up finishing for everybody to decorate some of the more important content, hope to be able to help to the owner's friends in need.

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