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Ceramic tile of toilet can't disorderly to choose! < / p> < p> to choose a good ceramic tile is half good decorate toilet, ceramic tile is not only the toilet decorates beautification, but also a guard

by:JIABANG     2020-04-28
Born between the main use of good or bad or not. < / p> < p> bathroom yes for a long time to be affected with damp be affected with damp, impregnation, that what to use ceramic tile good? < / p> < p> in general, a high quality ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low, so you can keep dry quickly. < / p> < p> if ceramic tile not show bibulous rate, can use a tea or water droplets in the back of the ceramic tile, observed the diffusion of water droplets in a few minutes. < / p> < p> the less water absorption, it indicates that the bibulous rate is low/quality is better. < / p> < p> the ceramic tile of bibulous rate is high after heat bilges cold shrink, can easily lead to rupture on the surface of the ceramic tile and granite floor tiles of wall of spalling. < / p> < p> to decorate the toilet in the north, you need to pay more attention to the problem. < / p> < p> choose outdoor ceramic tile quality of a material is high density < / p> < p> toilet of outdoor ceramic tile of choose and buy when, can be viewed from the side brick face whether level off, whether to appear uneven thickness of the pinhole. < / p> < p> tap on a ceramic tile, listen to the sound is ringing. < / p> < p> sound more crisp, said the texture of ceramic tile/high density hardness is better. < / p> < p> using the ceramic tile of non-slip texture < / p> < p> the rule is simple: to prevent slippery. Generally speaking, face the bathroom damp environment, we should notice when choose bathroom granite floor tiles outdoor ceramic tile of antiskid waterproof and use for a long time, so you can avoid some of the problems above. < / p>
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